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Create a secure seal – with NORMACLAMP® TORRO® hose clamps for high mechanical loads.

Image of a NORMACLAMP® TORRO® hose clamp

For high mechanical loads.

Hose clamps with worm thread – the modern clamp design for optimal clamping forces at high mechanical loads

No comparison: NORMACLAMP® TORRO® offers higher tensile band forces than similar competing products. The hose clamps offer significant assembly safety through high breaking torques.

Plus factors

Advantages of NORMACLAMP® TORRO®

  • Improved housing design

    NORMACLAMP® TORRO® hose clamps offer high assembly safety, thanks to uniform distribution of force.

  • Material and clamping range stamping

    The hose clamps are characterised by a one-sided stamping – thus mix-ups are impossible and handling is easy.

  • Short housing saddle

    NORMACLAMP® TORRO® hose clamps offer uniform contact pressure for better sealing.

  • Screw support bearing

    Easy to mount: The screw support bearing enables secure band guidance.

  • Asymmetric extension

    The asymmetric housing of the NORMACLAMP® TORRO® effectively prevents the clamp head from tilting away during tightening.

  • Either smooth or stamped internal surface of the band

    For optimal hose protection we offer two types of NORMACLAMP® TORRO® hose clamps: smooth or stamped.

Method and principle

NORMACLAMP® TORRO® multi-range hose clamp


NORMACLAMP® TORRO® hose clamps are unmistakeable, due to their asymmetric housing and optimal sealing . The special housing design enables high clamping forces and uniform clamping force distribution – for outstanding tightening torque. The clamp fits the hose perfectly, ensuring superb sealing .

Image of a NORMACLAMP® TORRO® hose clamp
NORMACLAMP® TORRO® NORMACLAMP® TORRO® multi-range hose clamp


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