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Industry solutions

The energy industry meets 360° joining technology

Solutions for the energy industry

Sustainability. Innovation. Dynamics.

The energy industry faces the challenge of ensuring a sustainable energy supply that meets the needs of a society with increasing energy demands at the same time as protecting the environment.

Böllhoff – your expert for energy technology

The energy industry plays a crucial role in society as it ensures the supply of energy. It is fundamental to maintaining the global economy and ensuring continuing prosperity. The industry also faces major challenges in ensuring a sustainable energy supply and combating climate change. The energy industry must therefore focus on renewable energies and innovative technologies to meet increasing energy demand while protecting the environment. An affordable and reliable energy supply for all is critical for a sustainable and just society.

With our fastening and assembly technology, we do our part in shaping the energy future.

Industrial Engineer Uses Augmented Reality Digital Tablet to Scan Large Metal Construction

Renewable energies – connections for the future

  • Wind energy

    Wind energy in particular poses major challenges for joining technology. For example, it must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions while providing reliable performance. The connections between the rotor blades and the tower must be flexible enough to adapt to wind conditions, but also rigid enough to ensure a robust structure. The joining technology must be able to absorb vibrations and oscillations to avoid damage to the rotor blades and other components.

  • Solar

    Last year, more new solar systems than ever before were installed to generate electricity and heat. An important prerequisite for this is reliable joining technology that ensures that the solar cells and modules are safely and securely attached to the mounting systems. Another challenge is that solar systems are often exposed to extreme weather conditions such as storms and hail, which require robust construction and effective maintenance to ensure the robustness and durability of the systems.

  • Geothermal energy

    To ensure reliable generation of thermal energy, borehole casings and pumps must be installed safely and securely at depth. Choosing the right joining technology plays an important role. The joining technology must withstand extreme temperature and pressure conditions while providing reliable performance. Another challenge is that the joining technology often has to be installed in areas that are deep and difficult to access, making effective maintenance and repair challenging. Reliable and durable joining technology is therefore extremely important to ensure the efficiency and longevity of geothermal systems.

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Your modules – our joining solutions

Our fasteners are used in many different applications in the energy industry, for example to join pipes, valves, turbines and generators. The correct choice of fastener is particularly important. It ensures the efficiency and reliability of the energy infrastructure with a secure and reliable joint. The special requirements of the energy industry, such as high temperatures and pressures, as well as environmental conditions such as corrosion and vibrations, must also be taken into account.

RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts for secure installation of solar modules

Our RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts are used when installing solar modules. They make it possible to attach solar modules quickly and easily to mounting rails and other support systems. They provide a reliable and durable connection and can also be used where the back of the connection is not accessible. Due to their ease of use and high reliability, blind rivet nuts are a popular choice for the installation of solar panels and other applications where a quick and efficient connection is required.

Discover our blind rivet nuts.
RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs


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Here are examples of good collaboration with our customers. This is the basis of our joint success. Take a look and be inspired by our 360° joining technology. Perhaps we will write the next success story with you.

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