Sealing technology


High-performance, low-cost: Blind SEALING PLUGs close drill holes efficiently and permanently.

SEALING PLUG – Ball sealing plugs of the Series 11

For leak-tight drill holes

Use SEALING PLUGs to control and regulate flows

In many applications, hydraulic or gaseous media flows through channels and drill holes. The SEALING PLUG reliably closes and seals drill holes and withstands operating pressures both in the low-pressure range and high-pressure range up to 500 bar.

Plus factors


  • Easy installation

    Fixed parameters enable easy, controlled and reproducible installation that guarantees reliable performance even under high pressure.

  • Application-oriented

    SEALING PLUG offers the right solution for all applications – for example hand-operated setting tools, pneumatic setting tools and automated systems.

  • Cost-efficient

    When you use SEALING PLUG, there is no need to cut thread or use additional sealants. The hydraulic sealing plug is extremely cost-effective.

Method and principle

Reliable closure and sealing system for drill holes

The SEALING PLUG is a two-piece, all-metal part that functions in accordance with the push-pull expansion principle. The SEALING PLUG with ball functions in accordance with the push-expansion principle. In this case you press the ball into the sleeve, so that the sleeve expands. The blind plug with mandrel functions in accordance with the pull-expansion principle. In this case you pull the mandrel into the sleeve. Both closure elements feature serrations on the outside of the sleeve that anchor the SEALING PLUG in the installation material as the sleeve expands.

The PULLPLUG™ is also the result of continuous product development. The closure with pin is based on the pull-expansion principle and offers many advantages. It is made with less material and thus is very cost-effective. In addition, the PULLPLUG™ does not have a mandrel.
For some of the elements we offer tools and devices from the Böllhoff processing technology range.

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SEALING PLUG product types


Method and principle

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