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Apprenticeship at Böllhoff

We welcome fresh impetus!

School is behind you; are you eager for a taste of hands-on experience? If so, we look forward to you and your application!

Photo of five Böllhoff apprentices in different disciplines

What vocation is right for me?

You will find many opportunities at Böllhoff!

Leaving school soon? Or do you already have your degree? For many young people in this situation the question is: Now what do I do? At Böllhoff you have many opportunities! Technology, logistics, IT or administration – we offer 20 different apprenticeship vocations, where you can test and apply your talent and capabilities.

Or you can combine theory and practice in our dual courses of study. And there is always the possibility of an internship to find out where your talents lie and learn what makes us tick as an employer. Finding the right employer is just as important as choosing the right vocation. In this regard, you have our promise: We care about you and your individual development!

What we offer

We are a family business, we want you to feel comfortable at Böllhoff. This is why we offer a range of advantages, such as: 

  • Flexible working hours
  • 30 days of holiday 
  • Attractive apprenticeship remuneration (plus holiday pay and Christmas bonus) 
  • Company pension
  • AzubiFit & BöllhoffFit professional development programs
  • Health and leisure offerings
  • The possibility of a 4-week foreign posting for 2nd year apprentices

We are also here for you after your apprenticeship: For example, you can contribute the knowledge and skills you have gained by working in one of our departments or you can pursue a course of university studies while working at Böllhoff.

You can complete all apprenticeship programs at our headquarters facility in Bielefeld and in some cases in Sonnewalde, Leipzig, Oelsnitz, Stuttgart or Munich – we can advise you.

We look forward to you, your ideas, and the fresh impetus of your personality – long-term!

Apprenticeship at Böllhoff

Commercial apprenticeship

Are you curious, do you like working with people – and do you try to get to the bottom of things? During your apprenticeship you will get to know all areas of our company – Material Procurement, Sales, Administration, Accounting and Logistics. Apprenticeships start each year on the 1st of September.

  • Commercial clerk (m/f/d)

    As an industrial clerk you are in demand for matters concerning control of company processes: whether in Materials Purchasing, Warehousing or Manufacturing. After your apprenticeship you will be an all-rounder and can support us in many corporate areas, depending on which area is of special interest to you.

    Your future speciality area

    • Purchasing of materials and organizing the warehousing
    • Selling and shipping goods
    • Working in calculation, accounting, and product marketing
    • Contact with customers and suppliers, including customers and suppliers who speak foreign languages


    • 2.5 to 3 years
  • Wholesale and foreign trade clerk (m/f/d)

    As a wholesale and foreign trade clerk you are the connecting link between our suppliers and our customers. You purchase goods from diverse suppliers and resell them to major accounts – always with a watchful eye on numbers and stock levels

    Your future speciality area

    • Exciting insight into the Import and Export departments
    • Purchasing and selling Böllhoff products and our own brands
    • Contact with customers and suppliers, including customers and suppliers who speak foreign languages 
    • Warehouse management and monitoring of delivery dates 


    • 2.5 to 3 years
  • Office clerk (m/f/d)

    As an office clerk you, have a constant overview of all office processes and business processes. Your diversified task area ranges from administrative activities to drafting texts and taking minutes.

    Your speciality area

    • Help and support in all relevant clerical and secretarial tasks
    • Preparing presentations
    • Support at diverse events
    • Scheduling & organization of appointments
    • Telephone service in the reception area
    • Assigning invoices to accounts, processing the mail and much more.


    • 2.5 to 3 years
  • eCommerce clerk (m/f/d)

    As an eCommerce clerk, you are involved in various operational and strategic issues relating to all aspects of our eShop. You deal with digital projects, such as online marketplaces or customer-specific electronic catalogues

    Your future speciality area

    • Processing eShop registrations and orders
    • Extending the eShop product range
    • Evaluating user behaviour of eShop customers
    • Collaboration in enhancing usability
    • Support in the concept stage, preparation and execution of online marketing measures


    • 2.5 to 3 years 

Technical apprenticeship

Have you always had a knack for tinkering; as a child did you want to know how technical devices work? At Böllhoff there are many opportunities to fully engage your investigative spirit! We have 11 different apprenticeships in technical disciplines. Apprenticeships start each year on the 1st of September.

  • Electronics technician for operating technology (m/f/d)

    You mount or install electrical equipment and systems and or you are involved in the monitoring, repair and installation of our building technology. As a trained specialist for electrical engineering you are also an important point of contact for our Service area.

    Your future speciality area

    • Mounting and installing electrical equipment and commissioning of equipment and machines
    • Repair, inspection and maintenance of measuring, control and regulating devices
    • Inspection of electronic components
    • Installation and configuration of IT systems


    • 3 to 3.5 years
  • Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

    As an industrial mechanic you are the jack of all trades in our Manufacturing area. You ensure that our machines run smoothly at all times and monitor the production of components and assemblies. Thanks to your watchful eye, thousands and thousands of fasteners can leave our production facilities daily.

    Your speciality area

    • Organization of manufacturing processes
    • Communication with internal and external customers
    • Producing components and assemblies
    • Installing, inspecting and maintaining technical equipment and systems


    • 3.5 years 
  • Machine and equipment operator (m/f/d)

    As a machine and equipment operator (m/f/d) you prepare the workflows, verify machine functions on test rigs and commission new machines. You monitor the production process and control the material flow. In addition, you inspect and service the equipment at regular intervals to ensure constant operability

    Your future speciality area

    • Setting up, operating, and retooling machines and equipment
    • Monitoring machines
    • Rectifying faults
    • Servicing machines


    • 2 years
  • Mechatronics technician (m/f/d)

    As a mechatronics technician your constant companions in the day-to-day work routine are mechanical, electrical and technical control components. You mount various components, install controllers and program complex systems – in short: you are the pro behind our production technology

    Your future speciality area

    • Planning and control of workflows
    • Machining mechanical parts and putting components together to make systems
    • Installing electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components
    • Programming mechatronic systems


    • 3.5 years
  • Technical product designer – development and design (m/f/d)

    Technical product designers are the creative talents behind our products and manufacturing machines. In this role you create technical drawings in CAD and 3D drawing programs and through your work you optimize our product portfolio

    Your future speciality area

    • Planning, preparing and using technical documentation
    • Using CAD/CAM systems
    • Preparing design drafts
    • Evaluating manufacturing assembly and joining processes
    • Preparing technical drawings using 3D drawing programs


    • 3.5 years
  • Process mechanic for plastics technology (m/f/d)

    As a process mechanic for plastics technology you deal with injection moulding machines on a daily basis. These are high-tech devices, in which our fastening elements made of plastic are manufactured. You set up the machines, prepare the injection moulds and monitor the manufacturing workflows, in short, you do everything to ensure that our plastic parts are formed correctly

    Your future speciality area

    • Preparing and setting up machines for processing thermoplastic materials
    • Provisioning moulding compounds for processing and testing quality


    • 3 years
  • Process technologist – metal/forming technology (m/f/d)

    As a process technologist you know the automatic forming machines in our Sonnewalde production facility inside and out. Thus you ensure that more than a billion self-piercing rivets can be produced in the machines every year – these are special fastening elements that are used to join auto body parts together, among other things.

    Your future speciality area

    • Setting up, establishing and monitoring the entire RIVSET® and RIVTAC® fasteners manufacturing process
    • Complying with rigorous quality requirements
    • Care and maintenance of and the responsibility for all the machinery


    • 3.5 years
  • Physics lab technician (m/f/d)

    As a physics lab assistant you perform the physical measurements and various trials. You test the composition and properties of various materials and play an important role in the company's quality processes.

    Your future speciality area

    • Execution of physical measurements and test series
    • Setup of test equipment
    • Preparation and execution of measurements and tests and documentation


    • 3.5 years
  • Materials tester (m/f/d)

    As a materials tester you play a central role in our quality assurance. You perform various measurements and tests in our lab and analyse manufacturing processes. Thus you ensure that our fasteners always meet all customer requirements.

    Your future speciality area

    • Introduction and use of new test methods
    • Assessment of manufacturing processes and their influence
    • Use of qualified analysis methods
    • Independent detection and assessment of material values and geometry values


    • 3 to 3.5 years
  • Tool mechanic for forming technology (m/f/d)

    As a tool mechanic you ensure that our plastic fastening elements are moulded to specification. You make and repair various injection moulds for our injection moulding machines – for example, in CNC milling processes. Products, such as our SNAPLOC® plug-in connections are produced in the moulds.

    Your future speciality area

    • Planning and control of the workflows
    • Manufacturing of individual parts of various materials on CNC machines and other machine tools
    • Programming and operating numerically controlled machines
    • Producing mould surfaces with precision machining methods


    • 3.5 years
  • Cutting machine operator (m/f/d)

    As a cutting machine operator you play an important role in our manufacturing. You evaluate the feasibility of production jobs and produce diverse components in automatic production processes. In doing so, you always comply with the specific requirements of our customers.

    Your future speciality area

    • Analysis and evaluation of production orders
    • Selection of manufacturing systems and planning manufacturing processes
    • Manufacturing components in accordance with a drawing template through automated production processes


    • 3.5 years

IT apprenticeship

Are you comfortable in the world of source code and software architecture? Do you take a look inside your PC from time to time? Do you prefer being a team player rather than a solo player? If so, your next exciting challenge is a just a mouse click away. Apprenticeships start each year on the 1st of September.

  • IT specialist – application development (m/f/d)

    As an IT specialist – application development, you are our pro for developing software solutions for the entire corporate group – national and international. Therefore programming languages are, so to speak, your second native language

    Your future speciality area

    • The fundamentals of applied information technology
    • Working with the major programming languages
    • Supporting diverse software projects, also internationally
    • Learning software engineering methods 
    • Realisation of exciting software projects for our customers


    • 2.5 to 3 years 
  • IT specialist – system integration (m/f/d)

    As an IT specialist – system integration, your passion is networking hardware and software. You configure and commission complex systems – always keeping in mind the requirements of our approximately 3,000 users around the world.

    Your future speciality area

    • Implementation of well thought-out IT system solutions for the entire Böllhoff Group
    • Advising, supporting and training internal employees
    • Rectifying faults
    • Installing, configuring, and commissioning complex systems


    • 2.5 to 3 years 

Logistics apprenticeship

Forklift and lift truck certification are certainly part of our logistics apprenticeship. However, since logistics is an essential business area for the Böllhoff Group, we can offer you much more here – including future-proof jobs in an expanding market. Apprenticeships start each year on the 1st of September.

  • Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d)

    As a warehouse logistics specialist your favourite means of transport are forklifts and lift trucks. With this equipment you load and unload goods, or transport goods to the proper storage locations. In addition, you check the accompanying documents and take care of the planning and organization of logistics processes. Boredom is rare.

    Your future speciality area

    • Receiving, storing and picking goods
    • Planning and organizing logistics processes
    • Checking accompanying documents
    • Selecting means of transport and collaborating in route planning


    • 2.5 to 3 years
  • Warehouse clerk (m/f/d)

    As a warehouse clerk you are involved when goods are moved within our warehouse: Whether they have just arrived, are placed in stock or they must be prepared for shipment. Depending on the workstation you take care of goods receipt, further processing, or packaging and shipment. In between, with forklift and lift truck you ensure that all goods in the warehouse go where they are needed.

    Your future special area

    • Goods receipt and sorting
    • Packaging and shipment tasks in the Shipping departments
    • Preparing accompanying documents


    • 2 years
  • Freight forwarding and logistics services clerk (m/f/d)

    As a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk you are the brains behind all shipments in Goods Receipt and Goods Issue. Consequently, you know precisely when what goods leave our warehouse or arrive at our warehouse. Whether this involves suitable transport routes and means of transport, price calculations or preparation of shipping documents: You are the person who makes the shipping processes possible.

    Your future speciality area

    • Determining suitable routes and means of transport
    • Drawing up schedules
    • Advising and supporting customers


    • 2.5 to 3 years


Your application process

  • Step 1 – Online application

    Apply via the Career Portal and upload your application documents for the selected job opening.

  • Step 2 – Online hiring test

    An online-test gives us an overview of your general and technical knowledge. You can take the test at home.

  • Step 3 – Personal interviews

    In the first introductory interview we get acquainted and you present a prepared assignment. In the second interview you also learn about the department and the Böllhoff world.

  • Step 4 – Hiring and start of the apprenticeship

    If everything works out on both sides, you will receive our acceptance and we’ll look forward to starting your apprenticeship!

Secondary school internship at Böllhoff

Do you want practical experience instead of sitting at your desk? We welcome secondary school students who are looking for an internship or a holiday job with us. Exciting insights into the workings of an internationally active company await you. At Böllhoff we introduce you to different departments to help you with your choice of apprenticeship vocation or course of study. Your supervisors are always available to respond to questions and will do their best to help you gain a comprehensive view of the daily work routine. 

We offer secondary school internships in the commercial, technical logistics and IT areas. Send us an unsolicited application via the Job Portal on our website and specify your desired department and time frame. 

In addition, we participate in Girl's Day every year and offer young women a one-day introductory internship in our technical vocations.
A one-year internship for vocational orientation is also possible in the commercial, technical, and logistics areas.

A group of Böllhoff apprentices sitting on steps


Dual course of study at Böllhoff

With a dual course of study at our Bielefeld facility, you combine exciting practical experience with your university studies! Simply specify your desired dual course of study and your university in your application. We are completely open to all institutions of higher education. However, due to geographical proximity, we most often work with the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, the FHM or the FHDW.
As a student, you will be given responsibility and will work in exciting projects, and you will experience the encouraging culture of a family business from your first day on the job

What you can expect

  • Payment of semester fees
  • Structured initial training and a mentor
  • Many Böllhoff employee advantages 
  • Participation in Böllhoff Fit seminars and specific technical lectures
  • Development of a network in an international enterprise
  • Student sessions and participation at events


Internship, bachelor/ master thesis or student trainee activity

  • With an internship at Böllhoff gain insight into the business practices of a global enterprise. Whether you are looking for a volunteer internship, mandatory internship or a semester of work placement – here at Böllhoff during your full-time course of study you will develop valuable contacts for a successful career start, and in 2 to 6 months you will get to know the work routine in one of our departments. 
  • We welcome students who desire to combine theory and practice in their bachelor/ master thesis. Whether technical, logistics, commercial or IT – together we will find a suitable topic that you can work on in our company for your thesis or final paper. 
  • Discover the world of fastening technology as a student trainee – whether you’re hoping to get your foot in the door here or simply want a job so you can save up for your next holiday trip. You can be part of a technical department for up to 20 hours a week during the semester. Full-time work is possible between semesters. 


And after that?

Our retention programme "Students Stay Connected" is aimed at talented students who have distinguished themselves at Böllhoff through outstanding performance – whether in an internship, in a dual study programme, as a working student or with a very good final thesis. Students can thus remain in contact with Böllhoff for the duration of their studies and one year beyond. By being accepted into the exclusive programme, you as a talent remain part of the Böllhoff Group through various channels and benefit from advantages such as invitations to internal events, further training and interesting job advertisements from the specialist departments.

Students at Böllhoff

Social media

Takeover at Instagram

A particularity at Böllhoff: Our apprentices manage our Instagram channel. So if you are interested, we welcome your participation and involvement in sharing news and stories of your life as an apprentice!

Naturally, you will also find information about our company on other social media platforms:

Or take a look at the assessments of other Böllhoff employees: 

A woman using social media


Here are some videos, photos, and snapshots from the day-to-day work routine of our 126 apprentices! By the way: Apprenticeships and dual courses of study are offered at our headquarters in Bielefeld, and also at our locations in Garching near Munich, in Sonnewalde, Oelsnitz, Leipzig and Stuttgart. Send us your enquiry!

Your contacts for apprenticeship & dual course of study

More questions? Send an email to or call one of the four contacts or use WhatsApp!

Dennis Niewiadomsky
Technical and Logistics Trainer
+49 172 1394853

Alina Konkol
Commercial / IT apprenticeship
+49 172 4966975

Sarah Buschke
Student management officer
+49 173 2672967

Zoe Denzel
Student trainees
+49 521 4482-1254

Unsolicited application

Do you want to apply with us because you are simply convinced that Böllhoff is the perfect place for you and that you are the perfect employee for Böllhoff? Then yes, by all means go for it!

Go to unsolicited application