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Sustainability – it’s part of the Böllhoff DNA

For many years, sustainability has been an integral part of our values, our corporate culture and our success goals.

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We think long-term – for 145 years

As a family-run company in its fourth generation, we take the long view. Sustainability and responsible action have long been firmly anchored in our corporate values. This is why sustainability is not a new challenge for us, but a tried-and-tested guiding principle on the way to a future worth living in – for all future generations. To follow this path systematically and transparently, we have developed a sustainability strategy for the whole Böllhoff Group.

Our approach

Böllhoff’s sustainability strategy

In an intensive process, we have created a bold strategy with a clear aspiration: Our actions should have no negative effects on people or the environment. We don't just want to meet the relevant legal requirements, we want to exceed them. To live and promote sustainability at Böllhoff, we pursue an interdisciplinary approach. This is because sustainability is a combination of topics that affects the entire company. Each individual department takes responsibility and contributes to the success of the strategy with its own measures.

Graphic representation of the Böllhoff sustainability strategy
The Böllhoff sustainability strategy at a glance

Our sustainability strategy

Areas of activity

A materiality analysis was at the heart of our approach when developing our Böllhoff sustainability strategy. This resulted in our three different areas of activity: Planet, People, Partnership.

A materiality analysis was at the heart of our approach when developing our Böllhoff sustainability strategy. This resulted in our three different areas of activity: Planet, People, Partnership.

  • Planet

    Protecting the planet is important to us. This is why we see it as part of our corporate responsibility to save energy, conserve resources, prevent emissions and ensure a sustainable supply chain.

  • People

    Our employees are our company’s most important asset. This is why we implement a wide range of measures to ensure that we are an attractive, long-term employer.

  • Partnership

    We are a family company that focusses on people. This is why we are particularly committed to social causes.

"At Böllhoff, economic success has always been combined with a sustainable and therefore long-term strategy. And for us, a responsible strategy like this includes personal, non-profit and ecological goals."

Wilhelm A. Böllhoff
Wilhelm A. Böllhoff Member of the company management


Three specific fields of action in which Böllhoff achieves and exceeds the goals set in this area.

  • Innovative products

    We create connections for a sustainable future. Our products and services are used in numerous industries and contribute to the conservation of resources and reduction of CO₂ emissions. For example, we support lightweight construction for various industrial sectors in two ways: We provide solutions for joining special lightweight components and optimise the weight of our fasteners.

    When supplying fasteners, we contribute to sustainability with our innovative ECOFREIGHT transport concept. This concept dispenses with the use of materials such as wood, paper, cardboard or stretch film made from crude oil when transporting goods. Instead, we use durable containers and pallets made from recycled plastic. In this way, we save around 7,000 m² of forest from deforestation every year – that’s an area almost the size of a football field – and save around 50,000 litres of crude oil.

  • Digital business models and sustainable processes

    For us, sustainable action means finding new digital paths. This is why the Digital Bluefield project was launched. In this project, a group of methodically trained employees systematically develops innovative, digital business models over a period of one year. This is why the Digital Bluefield project was launched in 2019.

    Long-term success also requires the continuous optimisation of business processes. In this way we conserve resources – whether raw materials, energy or time – while simultaneously establishing a culture of improvement within the company.

  • Carbon neutral

    Climate change poses great challenges for the entire world population. The rise in global temperatures can only be stopped if we all get involved. It is therefore part of our corporate responsibility to make tangible contributions to environmental and climate protection, and to move continuously towards carbon neutrality. We do this by balancing the emissions that we cause directly and indirectly, identifying potential for improvement, and implementing measures to reduce emissions.


These are the most important measures via which we improve the well-being of our employees.

  • An attractive employer


    Our company's most important asset is its people. With their “passion for successful joining”, our more than 3,000 employees are the basis for our success. This is why we give them plenty of scope for continuous professional development. Our workplaces provide an atmosphere of respect, appreciation and a human touch. Because every successful connection starts with a connection between people.

  • Diversity and equal opportunities

    At Böllhoff, we value diversity as an enrichment for society as well as for our corporate group. All employees throughout the company receive the same appreciation and are treated equally. That applies regardless of age, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or world view. This core principle is firmly established in our mission statement under the heading “Fairness – our teamwork is marked by respect and partnership” and is practised in all of our branches around the world.

  • Health and safety at work

    With our occupational health and safety management (certified according to ISO 45001), we implement health and safety in the workplace in a practice-oriented manner. With the integration of occupational health and safety into our integrated management system, we can systematically identify potential for optimisation. We also promote the health of our employees with measures that go far beyond compulsory measures (elective and recommended preventive care). Numerous other occupational healthcare options are available as part of our training programme.


We are committed to the charitable work with our own foundations, donations, and personal commitments – regionally and internationally.

  • Responsibility for the region

    For almost 100 years, our head office has been located in Bielefeld, East Westphalia, and we feel a close connection to the people in the region. This is why we are financially and actively involved in numerous local charitable initiatives and associations. We also support the region through the work of the Wolfgang and Regina Böllhoff Foundation. The foundation supports young people in their academic and personal development through its two funding programs “Ich will!” and “Hand in Hand”.

  • International commitment

    Böllhoff is also committed to the international charitable work, within the framework of its foundations. The Mechthild Böllhoff Foundation supports social, charitable and church initiatives in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The main focus of these activities is medical treatment for those in need and training for young people. The non-profit association Instituto Böllhoff de Medula supports patients with blood diseases, especially leukemia. From Jundiaí in Brazil, we enable successful bone marrow transplants and reduce waiting times for a suitable donation.

  • Sports funding

    Sport and well-being are inextricably linked. This is why we support sports clubs locally as well as nationally. We have already been able to provide over 150 youth football teams with jerseys. We also work closely with local sports club SV Brackwede, where we have renovated the track, make ongoing donations to the club’s athletics activities, and promote young talent. And last but not least, we are also involved in the Bündnis Ostwestfalen alliance of companies. In this way, we are helping to preserve the local Bundesliga football club Arminia Bielefeld as a cultural asset and an important regional icon.


Böllhoff Group Sustainability Report 2020

Gain an overview of our sustainability activities in the Sustainability Report 2020. All measures are shaped by one goal: As a corporate group, we want to be climate-neutral by 2030.

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