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About Böllhoff

Our corporate philosophy

Passion for successful joining is what drives us.

Böllhoff Group employees

A family business in the fourth generation

Already in our fourth generation, we continue to build on the success of our founder Wilhelm Böllhoff. Autonomy and independence have always been at the heart of what we do – and will remain so in the future. As a result, the Böllhoff Group is still fully owned by its founding family. We have been driving innovations since 1877, with each generation providing its own new impetus. The enthusiasm of our employees is the foundation of our company's success. Because every successful connection starts with a connection between people.   

"Our company owners are real and authentic. The Böllhoffs know almost every employee and that is one of the reasons we have been here for so long."

Marcel Rupprecht
Marcel Rupprecht Managing Director
Böllhoff as an employer: hear from our employees

"We want our employees to work with pride and joy at Böllhoff – this requires cooperation based on respect and communication on an equal footing."

Wilhelm A. Böllhoff
Wilhelm A. Böllhoff Member of the company management

The Böllhoff Way

Our values, our culture and our goals

To remain innovative and efficient across generations, we have clear values and goals. This is how we ensure a successful future for our company. It’s a journey that we take together with our employees: The Böllhoff Way.

Our management

The Böllhoff management team from left to right: Dr. Jens Bunte, Dr.  Carsten Löffler, Wilhelm A. Böllhoff, Michael W. Böllhoff
Dr. J. Bunte, M. W. Böllhoff, W. A. Böllhoff, Dr. C. Löffler

Today’s company management consists of four people: managing partners Wilhelm A. Böllhoff and Michael W. Böllhoff, Dr. Carsten Löffler and Dr. Jens Bunte.

  • Wilhelm A. Böllhoff (born 1965) joined the company in 1994. Today he is responsible for fastener service supply, human resources and quality management.
  • Michael W. Böllhoff (born 1971) joined the company in 1998. He is now in charge of fastening and assembly technology as well as production.
  • In 2012 Dr. Jens Bunte (born 1968) assumed responsibility for research and development, application technology and global intellectual property.
  • Finance, controlling, legal affairs and IT are managed by Dr. Carsten Löffler (born 1962), who joined the company in 1994.

Our advisory council

The advisory council supports our company in an advisory capacity. Its members are Dr. Markus Miele (chairman), Christian G. Böllhoff, Christiane Messinger-Frieling, Hans Beckhoff and Jens Fiege. The honorary chairman of the advisory council is Dr. Wolfgang W. Böllhoff.

The Böllhoff Group advisory council
The Böllhoff Group advisory council


Compliance at Böllhoff

You can get a closer look at our directives for everyday activities in our compliance guidelines.