Self-pierce riveting systems for perfect joints

RIVSET® Automation

RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems

High-strength and reliable joining of materials

It makes mechanically strong joints of similar or combined material types. Multilayer joints are also possible.

Plus factors

Advantages RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems

  • Cold joining

    There is no heat input into the joining zone, therefore there is no risk of distortion in the component.

  • Customer-specific solutions

    RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems can be flexibly adapted to meet your requirements.

  • Easy integration

    RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems are easy to integrate into existing production lines.

Method and principle

RIVSET® configuration

The product range of RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems includes manual systems and systems for fully automatic production. Our systems are designed for a wide variety of applications and can be adapted to specific manufacturing environments. Configuration of the various system components – power unit, feed, tool, panel and visualization – is highly flexible. Your application determines the system.

RIVSET® self-pierce riveting – setting process

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RIVSET® setting systems

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The RIVSET® technology

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