Resistance welding technology


Assembly systems for resistance element welding

WELTAC® self-pierce riveting system

Flexible and reliable

Flexible technology

WELTAC® is a process used in resistance welding technology. It creates mechanically strong joints for modern multi-material construction.

Plus factors

Advantages of WELTAC®

  • Proven technology

    The first stage of the WELTAC® Automation process is based on the proven electrohydraulic processing system RIVSET® Automation EH.

  • Long service life

    Low maintenance requirements

  • Existing equipment

    Existing resistance spot welding systems for modern body construction can be used for the second stage of the WELTAC® process.

Method and principle

How does resistance element welding work?

Resistance element welding is a further development of resistance spot welding. In contrast to the conventional procedure, a rivet-like resistance element made of a material which is compatible with the base sheet is used as the auxiliary joining part. In the first stage of the process, the WELTAC® welding element is punched in to the upper material layer. This component is then welded to the lower steel material layer(s) in the second stage of the process. (Böllhoff only supplies WELTAC® elements and WELTAC® Automation for the first stage of the process.)


WELTAC® resistance element welding for modern multi-material construction

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WELTAC® Automation

WELTAC® uses our proven RIVSET® Automation EH assembly system.

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Manual processing

Hand tools for stage one of WELTAC® processing.

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