Tools and systems for joining metal sheets and profiles without a joining element.

RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP – Portable pneumatic clinching machine

Clinching for metals

Form-fitting, non-positive connections

With RIVCLINCH® joining technology, steel and stainless steel materials, as well as aluminium and other non-ferrous materials, are joined together in a way that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Plus factors

Advantages RIVCLINCH®

  • Pre-treatment or post-treatment is unnecessary

    No need for preliminary cleaning or removal of spray residue at the weld edge.

  • Eco-friendly workstation

    Setting a clinch point produces no chips or dust.

  • No additional material requirements

    No additional joining elements are required.

Method and principle

RIVCLINCH® joining technology

With the clinching method, materials to be joined are first drawn into the die by the punch.
As soon as the lower material touches the anvil, it starts flowing laterally. In this process, the movable die segments are moved outwards. The flowing materials form the closing head. The punch then moves back into home position, the joined part can be removed, and the side parts of the die are pulled together by a spring.
Localised deformation of the material produces a positive-locking and friction-locking connection.
The RIVCLINCH® joining system can be adapted into existing presses or it can also be used in special machines. Single points and multiple points can be set at the same time. The clinching system can be integrated into manual machines, robots and stationary tools.

Round or square joining points with RIVCLINCH®

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