High-speed joining

RIVTAC® Automation

The innovative joining technique for all sorts of materials.

RIVTAC® automation when joining a car body

Joining at high speed

Fully automatic joining

Universal material combinations are becoming increasingly important, especially in the development of modern vehicle and car body designs. RIVTAC® is particularly suitable for joining aluminium, steel, plastics and non-ferrous metals as well as for mixed joints, multilayer joints and hybrid joints of these materials.

Plus factors

Advantages of RIVTAC® Automation

  • No pre-punching

    Joining without pre-punching with access from one side only.

  • High flexibility

    Flexible application for mixed joints, multilayer joints and hybrid joints.

  • Reduced process times

    Reduction of joining and cycle times to a minimum.

Method and principle

RIVTAC® technology

This innovative mechanical joining process utilises a tack – a nail-like auxiliary joining part, that is accelerated to a high speed and driven into the non-pre-punched parts. The ogival point of the tack displaces material. The speed, which can be controlled by means of the adjustable joining pressure, is dependent on the materials and component thicknesses. Due to the short-term increase in temperature in the joining zone, the parent material flows into the annular grooves on the shank of the tack. This achieves a high degree of form fit for the joined parts. The pressing and compression of the material – especially in the case of high-strength steel materials – results in a non-positive joint. An important condition for this method is sufficient stiffness of the joining parts so that they can resist the penetration impulse of the tack without major deformation.

high-speed joining – sequence
Joining sequence: 1st Positioning / 2 Insertion / 3 Penetration / 4 Bracing
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Modular and flexible

Components of the system

The RIVTAC® Automation system enables fully automatic joining. It is designed for high volume applications and provides maximum flexibility in production planning.

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