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Thread repair HELICOIL®

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Method and principle

Thread repair with HELICOIL®

Excessive bolting torque, corrosion and even wear – these are just some of the reasons for thread damage.
HELICOIL® Plus thread inserts come in a variety of designs for quick thread repair. Using non-wearing HELICOIL® Plus thread inserts not only repairs threads but also increases the load capacity of the thread.

The process is very simple:

Simply drill out the defective thread and use the combined HELICOIL® Plus drilling and tapping tool to cut a new holding thread. You can then install the HELICOIL® Plus using the installation mandrel provided for this purpose. Now all you need to do is break off the tang using the tang break-off mandrel and the new thread with the HELICOIL® Plus thread insert is ready for use.


HELICOIL® thread insert on an installation mandrel
HELICOIL® thread insert on an installation mandrel

HELICOIL® locknuts for exhaust manifold and turbocharger attachments

It is well known that screw joints tend to work loose under load. In many applications, especially in the Automotive sector, it is absolutely necessary to take precautions against unintentional loosening. As a specialist in joining and assembly technology, we offer HELICOIL® locking nuts for these applications. An efficient combination of two fasteners: high-strength nut plus HELICOIL® Screwlock thread insert. These ideally designed fasteners are a perfect match, providing considerable advantages for screw joints with high requirements. We offer a collar nut version of the HELICOIL® locknutswith integrated washer, specifically intended for securely fastening exhaust manifolds.

HELICOIL® locknuts for attaching exhaust manifolds and turbochargers

Repair solutions for thin-walled components

RIVKLE® Blind rivet nuts

These are used where threads are required on thin-walled components. RIVKLE® Blind rivet nuts also ensure stronger threads. Typical applications include number plate attachments and repairs of defective threads for motorcycle frames.

RIVKLE® stainless steel – blind rivet nuts made of stainless steel

RIVQUICK® Blind rivets

RIVQUICK® technology has proven to be a reliable method for the non-detachable joining of thin-walled components using blind rivets. It is also perfect for joining components that are only accessible from one side. No heat is generated during the installation of these blind rivets, so there is no distortion. They are also easy to use in layered components.

RIVQUICK® – Standard blind rivet

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HELICOIL® kits make it easy to repair defective threads in just a few steps. The kits are compact and tailored to your needs.


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HELICOIL® locknuts

An efficient combination of flange nut with integrated washer and HELICOIL® Plus Screwlock thread insert. Specifically intended for attaching exhaust manifolds and turbochargers.


These repair kits make it easy to set blind rivet nuts and blind rivets on thin-walled components.

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