Thread reinforcement


Load capacity and precision at the highest stage. HELICOIL® thread inserts for strong screw joints.

HELICOIL® thread insert

For high-strength fastenings

HELICOIL® thread inserts create load-bearing joints

HELICOIL® thread inserts have been reliable in practice for over 65 years. They are available in Free Running and Screwlock versions. There is virtually no task that this thread technology cannot handle.

Plus factors

Advantages of HELICOIL®

  • Durability

    The elastic properties of the HELICOIL® thread insert distribute load and tension uniformly. Result: A higher-quality screw joint compared to a screw joint without HELICOIL®.

  • Potential for lightweight construction

    Perfect for lightweight construction, HELICOIL® combines minimum spatial requirements with high load capacity. You can use high-strength screws optimally in low shear strength materials. Fewer connection points and reduced screw dimensions result in less material, reduced install space and lower weight.

  • Wear resistance

    HELICOIL® thread inserts are abrasion-resistant. The high surface quality of the rolled internal thread made of austenitic chrome-nickel steel ensures a high-strength thread. Moreover, this thread has a constant, extremely low thread friction torque.

  • Thread friction

    HELICOIL® reduces thread fiction and its scatter range. This means that for a torque-controlled screw tightening application, the screw preload force can be adjusted more precisely, i.e. the yield point of the screw is utilized more efficiently.

  • Durability

    No self-loosening. The polygonal twist of the HELICOIL® Screwlock results in a high friction locking capacity and thus a captive screw lock. Additional locking of the joint using split pins, wires or washers is not necessary.

Method and principle

High-strength thread

Thread reinforcement and thread repair are terms that are inseparably connected with our HELICOIL® brand.

Use HELICOIL® wherever low shear strength materials – such as aluminium or aluminium-magnesium alloys – are used. In these applications HELICOIL® thread inserts generate heat-resistant, wear-resistant and high-strength thread of the highest precision. No internal thread wear, even with frequent use.

Drawing of load and tension distribution in the fastening – with and without HELICOIL®
Load and tension distribution in the fastening – with and without HELICOIL®

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