Flexible and economic. With RIVQUICK® blind rivets for the joining of thin-walled components.


For joining components even with only one-sided accessibility

By means of RIVQUICK® blind rivets, thin-walled components can be joined non-detachably.

For years, the blind rivet technology has proven to be a reliable method for the non-detachable joining of thin-walled components with RIVQUICK® blind rivets. Even a one-sided accessibility to the component is sufficient.

This product is made by Böllhoff

Method / principle

Insert, rivet, done. RIVQUICK® blind rivets create permanent joints and are available in various head shapes and material combinations. An extensive range of tools is also deliverable. For flexible and efficient planning, engineering and manufacturing.


RIVQUICK® is used for the permanent joining of thin-walled components, such as metal sheets and profiles in a variety of materials.

Product benefits
  • Proven joining system
  • No heat generation, and therefore no distortion
  • Suitable for coated components
  • Wide range of materials for the fastening element (aluminium, steel, stainless steel, etc.)

Product benefits

There are many good reasons for using our products.

Strength and options.
Point by point.

Proven joining system

Always a good solution for hollow bodies, housings or profiles with joining points without a rear access.

No heat generation

No distortion, no heat tinting. Unlike welding, the workpiece will not be affected. So even use in coated components is possible.

Detailed description


RIVQUICK® blind rivet technology

The blind rivet is inserted in the components’ drill hole. The riveting mandrel is drawn by the setting tool in order to distort the rivet body and to join it tightly to the component. While reaching the breaking force, the riveting mandrel snaps at the predetermined breaking point and can simply be disposed of.

Product variants

One-sided fastening, multiple applications: the right blind rivet for every material.

Learn more about the product types and find the right variant for your particular application.

Standard blind rivets

The right solution for your application. The riveting occurs from one side, providing a permanent and secure joint in all sorts of component materials.


RIVQUICK® Varigrip
multigrip blind rivets

A very versatile rivet. The wide clamp area of this rivet enables cost savings due to product range standardisation without a quality loss.


Sealed type rivets

The cup-shaped rivet body allows airtight, dust-tight and watertight joints.


Special blind rivets

RIVQUICK® special blind rivets are available in various designs for a wide range of applications. Including expanding blind rivets, blind rivets with a grooved body shank, earthing rivets, coloured rivets and customer-specific special shapes. More details on request.


RIVQUICK® Varibulb
High-strength blind rivets

These blind rivets ensure a solid, vibration-resistant assembly.


RIVQUICK® Varibolt
High-strength blind rivets

The rivets have a high clamping force and can also join sheet materials with significant gaps.


RIVQUICK® Varilock
High-strength blind rivets

High-strength multigrip blind rivets with high tightness and visible riveting mandrel lock.


RIVQUICK® speed fasteners

Speed riveting is a fastening technology that improves productivity.



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