Custom-made parts made of metal

Custom‑made parts

We specialise in the production and procurement of customer‑specific parts.


Developed and manufactured to customer specifications

We specialise in the production and procurement of custom‑made parts.

We offer you the best solution for your application from both a technical and economic point of view while taking into account requirements regarding material, manufacturing processes and surface finishes. We supply custom‑made parts in all batch sizes from one to several million units – to the incoming goods department or integrated into a supply system. We guarantee quality in our accredited testing lab.

Böllhoff parabola

Method / principle

For us at Böllhoff, providing advice is as important as meeting customer requirements quickly and reliably. We offer support right from the design stage through to the creation of prototypes and serial production.

  • Fasteners in all dimensions, lengths and diameters
  • In all batch sizes – from 1 to over 1 000 000 units
  • Individually assembled, labelled and packaged on request
  • Including inspection certificates

Product benefits

There are many good reasons for using our products.

Strength and options.
Point by point.

Shorter development times

Take advantage of our expertise and development work.

Latest fastening technology

We are always on the cutting edge of technology and are familiar with the latest legal requirements.

Quick delivery

We can produce prototypes and samples in‑house.

Reduced costs

We improve customer products and lower production costs.

CAD drawings

We prepare CAD drawings for our customers.

DIN ISO TS 16949

For products and advice we take for granted superior quality.

Detailed description


Take advantage of our experience

We have realised over 40,000 customer‑specific items. Our application technology department can advise you both in the development phase and when optimising existing applications.

We cover the following manufacturing processes for customer‑specific items: turning, CNC milling, cold‑forming, hot‑forming, stamping and stamped‑bending, pressing

Material selection includes machining steel, cementation and heat-treatable steel, rust and acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant materials, nickel, titanium, bronze, copper, brass, aluminium alloys, plastic, special materials

Surface treatments include all common and specific requirements on the market. The following versions are possible: galvanising, nickel‑plating, chrome‑plating, bronzing, burnishing, phosphating, anodising, zinc‑coating, organic coating, powder coating, seal coating, locking coating, adhesive coating, chromium(VI)‑free coating, friction value adjustments

Our range of services when it comes to repairs encompasses the following: grinding, milling, honing, lapping, cutting threads, rolling threads, barrel finishing, sandblasting, hardening, heat treating, mounting, pressing


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