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Direct screw-fittings

AMTEC® screws

Achieve high-strength screw connections in plastics economically and reliably with the AMTEC® screw.

Product image of an AMTEC® screw with button head

For greater process reliability in lightweight construction

Efficient screw connections in plastics: AMTEC® – the intelligent solution

Their excellent mechanical properties, minimal weight and low manufacturing costs have made plastics a fundamental part of modern industrial production. This has led to a corresponding increase in the demands placed on connection technologies. The solution: our AMTEC® screws. They effectively ensure secure and durable connections in thermoplastics.

Plus factors

Advantages of AMTEC® screws

  • Process reliability

    The special thread geometry makes for easy assembly. AMTEC® also guarantees high tear-out resistance.

  • Detachable and re-usable

    Our screws for plastics can be reused several times. According to VDE, they can be retightened up to 10 times.

  • Application-oriented

    The direct screw-fittings are suitable for both thermoplastics and duroplastics. They are available in different versions.

  • Strong self-locking action in the thread

    The optimised helix angle is above the self-locking point. This, in combination with the thread pitch, reduces the plastic material’s tendency to relax.

  • Service-oriented

    Expert advice in application engineering and process monitoring are just as much a part of the AMTEC® direct screw-fitting programme as the development of custom solutions.

Developed for lightweight construction

AMTEC® screw for plastics as an all-in-one solution

The increasing use of polymer materials in modern construction has changed the way we view reliable direct plastic screw-fittings. We have developed a screw design that meets the growing requirements: our AMTEC® screw range.

The name AMTEC® stands for After Moulding TEChnology and means that the screw connection is not used until after the plastic component has been removed from the mould. This results in high-strength and cost-efficient screw connections made without additional connecting elements such as metal thread inserts.

Method and principle

AMTEC® direct screw-fitting sets new standards

We have given the cross-section of our AMTEC® screws a trilobular shape to ensure maximum process reliability. This significantly reduces the insertion torques and creates pockets for the displaced material. The plastic flows off without damage and without inducing stress in the grooved thread.

Our screw for thermoplastics also performs impressively in terms of thread geometry. This is because the large flank overlap reduces the surface pressure and prevents the material from creeping. The 30-degree flank angle minimises radial stress and is a prerequisite for thermoplastic constructions.

Unlike conventional screws, the AMTEC® screw can be retightened up to ten times.

Two AMTEC® screws facing each other.
AMTEC® screws with button head and pressed-on washer

Expert advice and custom solutions


AMTEC® screws for plastics are available in a range of different versions

  • Button head with hexalobular drive
  • Button head, cross recess Z
  • Countersunk head with hexalobular drive
  • Countersunk head, cross recess Z
  • Button head with pressed-on washer, hexalobular drive
  • Button head with pressed-on washer, cross recess Z

As an application technology service provider, we also offer customised solutions in addition to the standard range of AMTEC® screws. We offer end-to-end support for these from the initial idea through to monitoring of the assembly process. Whether you are looking for suitable materials or coatings, suitable head shapes or thread lengths, we will find the best solution for your application.

AMTEC® screw – B 52004.
With AMTEC® we implement special,customer-specific solutions


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