Setting the pace for the future

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)


Innovation ensures success

Why is that? Innovations are a vital factor in society and the economy for securing growth and employment.

If we look back over human history, we quickly see that technical development is growing exponentially. Its pace is increasing year on year. And we can be confident that this will remain the case over the coming decades. This development, and the new technologies emerging from it, will also bring new tasks for our company and especially for fastening technology. We welcome these challenges, because they also open up new opportunities for us.

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Innovation management at Böllhoff

Innovation management is a main focus at Böllhoff because innovative products and services are the foundation of long-term success.

Apart from modern methods, organisational forms and processes, there are three factors which play an important role in innovation management at Böllhoff:

Trend analyses

Those who strive to develop the right solutions for the future, must identify and understand current trends.
Böllhoff regularly analyses different sources to recognise trends fast. The identification of trends is the first step toward a successful innovation management.


Open innovation

The key to innovative ideas is the connection of people because great ideas can only surge from exchange. Apart from the internal connection, the opening of the innovation process is also playing an ever increasing role. Already at an early stage, we involve our customers in the development process so as to develop the right solution together.


Research cooperations with universities and institutes

On diverse research projects, we cooperate with universities and institutes. Selected partners support Böllhoff with their specialised know-how and skills and substantially contribute to the success of the innovation projects.


Our research projects

Overview of research projects

Please find information about selected research projects here.


Within the framework of a joint project, we develop a modular service platform for digitalisation of production-oriented logistic services related to "smart containers” with our consortium partners Euro‑Log AG, Fraunhofer IIS/SCS, GS Frachtlogistik GmbH and the University of Bamberg.



As a consortium partner (SME), we support the ReLei flagship project “Fertigungs- und Recyclingstrategien für die Elektromobilität zur stofflichen Verwertung von Leichtbaustrukturen in Faserkunststoffverbund-Hybridbauweise” (Fabrication and recycling strategies for electromobility to recycle lightweight structures in fibre-reinforced composite hybrid design) of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Our innovations

Innovations in fastening technology and logistics processes.

Take a look at a selection of innovation projects from our company.