E-Mail encryption for business partner

Böllhoff hosts an email solution for secure communication with S/MIME and PGP.

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Secure WebMail-Box

If you don't have an PGP- or S/MIME-certificate, an SSL-secured Webmail box can be used to exchange documents with Boellhoff in a secure way.
The first time an employee at Boellhoff sends you an encrypted message, you will get an E-Mail with instructions how to set up your Webmail box.



If you have an PGP- or S/MIME-certificate, please proceed the following steps to establish a secure communication with Boellhoff.

  1. Deploy your key-material publically or hand it over to your Böllhoff correspondence partners.
  2. Supply your public CA certificate in case your organization doesn't use certificates by a public trust center.
  3. Get the S/MIME root-certificate for the Böllhoff infrastructure and hand it over to your IT-staff.


Title Language Version File Download
E-Mail Encryption in the Böllhoff Group
Information for our business partners
English 2017 283 kB / PDF
English 2017 283 kb / PDF
Certificate for S/MIME
2015 7 kB / ZIP
2015 7 kb / ZIP

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