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E-Mail encryption for business partner

Email encryption


Maintaining confidentiality, security and integrity for documents that we exchange with our business partners is very important to us.
For this reason, you have the option of exchanging data with us in encrypted form.

The following procedures can be used:

  • Secure WebMail Box (for users who do not use their own e-mail encryption method)
  • PGP
  • S/MIME

Böllhoff provides an email gateway for secure communication which can handle S/MIME and PGP key material.

Secure WebMail-Box

If you don't have an PGP- or S/MIME-certificate, an SSL-secured Webmail box can be used to exchange documents with Boellhoff in a secure way.
The first time an employee at Boellhoff sends you an encrypted message, you will get an E-Mail with instructions how to set up your Webmail box.



If you have an PGP- or S/MIME-certificate, please proceed the following steps to establish a secure communication with Boellhoff.

  1. Deploy your key-material publically or hand it over to your Böllhoff correspondence partners.
  2. Supply your public CA certificate in case your organization doesn't use certificates by a public trust center.
  3. Get the S/MIME root-certificate for the Böllhoff infrastructure and hand it over to your IT-staff.