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Bundle services and reduce costs: With our efficient procurement and supply systems for fasteners

A man stands at a control centre of the ECOSIT® system and slightly stoops to reach for a bin.

For high security of supply

Procure and warehouse fasteners efficiently

With our ECOSIT® (ECOnomic Supply In Time) service package we handle the entire logistics chain for you: materials planning, procurement, quality testing, stock management and distribution of goods to the production line. We increase the efficiency of the entire value chain and ensure the highest level of quality and transparency. We successfully rely on the latest RFID technology.

Plus factors

Advantages ECOSIT®

  • Tailored solutions

    We implement the solution that is best for you, fine-tuned for the respective items and requirements.

  • 100% availability

    We ensure that all items are available at all times. So you can concentrate on your core business.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs

    Our extensive know-how is at your service; we optimize your processes, reduce your costs and strengthen your competitive position.

  • Optimize the assortment

    Fewer parts, improved technology: We standardize drives, dimensions, surfaces and strength classes.

  • Innovation and quality

    We set new standards – with modern RFID technology and certified quality in accordance with ISO/TS 16949.

  • Installation is fast and easy

    Our ECOSIT® systems run in a smooth, professional manner. Even setting up the C-Parts management system is a simple, straightforward process.

Detailed description

Optimize procurement processes with state-of-the-art technology

We developed our ECOSIT® procurement and supply system to provide security of supply and to simplify operations. The large touch panel for the RFID equipment offers extensive interaction possibilities: for example, database access through video hotline and control of the electronic shelf displays, which offer flexible designation and accelerate local processes through Pick-by-Signals.

RFID labels on the bins ensure fast and automatic order initiation. RFID gloves are used to exclude the possibility of picking errors and facilitate handling. With each hand motion the RFID transponder information is read out and compared with the order information.

Always a step ahead

ECOSIT® product family

Innovation ensures success

ECOSIT® – implement supply chain management successfully

Each ECOSIT® system is a tailored customer solution based on collaborative partnership. ECOSIT® includes all operative processes with the objectives of simplifying processes, maximizing potential and implementing 100% process reliability. In addition to increasing efficiency and reducing costs, quality and transparency are also top priorities.


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