Adhesive technology


ONSERT® allows the adhesive bonding of various fasteners to a wide range of materials.

ONSERT® Bonding fasteners

Fixed in seconds

Fast and reliable

You can use ONSERT® wherever thermal joining processes or boreholes cannot be used (CFRP, finished surfaces).

Plus factors

Advantages of ONSERT®

  • Design freedom

    No penetration or protrusion. Fasteners cannot be seen on the visible side.

  • Durability

    Full mechanical load capacity immediately after irradiation. Components can be mounted directly after bonding.

  • Uniformity

    Whether steel, aluminium sheet or plastics. Multiple materials, one procedure. The simple fastening method for all sorts of components.

Method and principle

Fixation in seconds

Bonding where welding is no longer possible

Fasteners with a socket made of transparent plastic are bonded to your component with a light-curing adhesive. The most important aspects are short cycle times, the material-friendly process and flexibility relative to the fasteners

Broad range of options

All geometries that can be produced by injection moulding are possible. Screw connections on moulded plastic parts, releasable and non-releasable snap connections or adhesive SNAPLOC® fasteners, etc. can be attached on materials such as CFRP, FRP, glass, lacquer, cathodic dip coating, plastic such as PC-ABS, PA and blends.

Which adhesive is suitable?

The suitable adhesive is defined through trials on the original component.
DELO and BÖLLHOFF work together to ensure optimal processing.
All adhesives used are DELO PHOTOBOND.
DELO and BÖLLHOFF would be pleased to support you throughout the entire development process – right from the start.

ONSERT® Portable Mini

Material expertise

ONSERT® Your solution for challenging materials

A selection of particularly sensitive materials is provided here.

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