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Flat washers

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Flat washers – DIN 125a.

Distribution of forces

Washers distribute the pre-tensioning force in screw connections over a larger area

In addition to simple washers, there are numerous special types (e.g. conical or with tabs). Our range also includes shim rings, sealing rings, large diameter washers and lock washers.

Method and principle

An overview of flat washers

Working principle

Distributing the pre-tensioning force over a larger area reduces the pressure exerted on the contact surfaces of the joint. This reduces deformation and creep phenomena. Washers protect sensitive surfaces from mechanical damage.


In addition to steel in different hardness classes, available materials include stainless steel, plastic, aluminium and brass. Care must be taken to use washers of the appropriate hardness, particularly when using high-strength screws.


Our products can be coated with different surface finishes, depending on requirements and application. We will be pleased to give you individual advice on the right coating system.

We offer the following surfaces as standard:

  • Plain
  • Zinc plated (industry standard)
  • VZD (zinc plated with thick layer passivation)
  • ISO Standard Galvanized
  • Zinc-nickel
  • Zinc flake


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Types of flat washers

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