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Lifting points

High-strength and highly reliable: Lifting points for safe lifting and transportation of heavy loads.

Image of a rotating lifting eyebolt

For the heaviest loads

Safer lifting: Our lifting points meet the highest safety standards for lifting and transporting loads

Giving you a real advantage: Our lifting points provide maximum safety and are suitable for the heaviest permissible loads. Even after installation, they are quick and easy to adjust for optimum load application.

Plus factors

Advantages of lifting points

  • Certified and CE compliant

    The lifting points are designed, tested and certified according to GS-OA 15-04 and verified by the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) with its "H stamp". They are also suitable for safe lifting in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

  • Effective protection

    Genuine all-round protection – quadruple safety in all loading directions.

  • Highest quality standards

    100 percent quality: Every single lifting point has passed the Magnaflux crack test.

  • Special designs on request

    We are happy to advise on customer specific applications and develop tailor-made special solutions.

  • Rotating and swivelling

    All of our products are easy to align for optimum force transmission.

  • Extremely durable

    Lasting safety. The lifting points are designed for 20,000 load changes.

Method and principle

Safety in mind

When lifting and securing heavy loads, considerable forces are exerted on the lifting points. Maximum safety is, therefore, essential for preventing injuries and damage. We guarantee quadruple safety of the load in all loading directions with our high-strength lifting points. CE-certified, of course. Our products are suitable for the safe lifting of loads in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and meet the requirements of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) regulations ("H stamp" of employers' liability insurance associations). Our high quality standards are also reflected in the final inspection and testing. Every single one of our lifting points is checked for crack damage and only approved when it passes the inspection.

Differences compared to conventional solutions

Each of our products is rotatable, so it is easy to align the lifting points to make working with heavy loads noticeably safer and easier. Due to the carefully selected materials and manufacturing methods, the high-strength lifting points achieve much higher load capacities than conventional DIN 580 lifting eyebolts.

Lifting points work for you

  • Lifting points in use

    Anchor points facilitate transport and installation

  • Anchor points

    provide the right solution for every application

  • Movement during installation

    supported by anchor points

  • Anchor points

    deployed to secure a load

  • Anchor points

    deployed to transport heavy loads

Find the right solution for your application

Types of lifting points

  • Rotating lifting eyebolt

    The rotating lifting eyebolt can take very heavy loads despite its compact design. It can be attached around the load ring.

    For greater ease of use, the lifting eyebolt can be aligned in a working range of 360°, even after installation. This ensures optimum distribution of forces in the lifting device. The load ring includes a captive screw for quick and easy installation.

  • Rotating eye nut

    The internal thread is rotatable, so the lifting point can be aligned in the optimum position relative to the lifting device.

    When connecting eye nuts, you must use threaded fasteners and stud bolts of property class 10.9 or more. As well as ensuring high load capacities, this significantly increases safety when lifting heavy loads.

  • Rotatable swivel

    The rotatable swivel has a flexible design. The ring can be swivelled through 180° and the head can be rotated through 360°.

    Due to their flexibility, swivels are widely used for both lifting and transporting loads. They are suitable for almost any loading condition.

    In an unloaded state the swivel height is very low, so it takes up little space after transportation.

  • Lifting eye

    Lifting eyes can absorb forces at an angle from 0° to 90°.

    The position can be adjusted flexibly and then retained by means of a clamping spring. For optimum load lifting, the lifting eye can be rotated through 360° about its longitudinal axis.

    The pre-mounted captive screw allows for a controlled installation process.

  • Anchor bracket

    The lifting bracket is attached to the component by means of two screws.

    This design is particularly suitable for transferring heavy loads with lifting points – within an angle of up to 120°. Loads can also be lifted transversely to the axial direction.

  • Rotating PSA lifting eyebolt

    The PSA lifting eye bolt 900 is a secure lifting point for safety harnesses.

    It ensures safety when working at height and prevents falls (in accordance with EN 361 by means of a suitable fastener as per EN 362). The anchor device is designed in such a way that it can only be unscrewed with a special key supplied with it.

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