Thread creation


High-strength thread inserts for in-moulding.

IMTEC® – thread inserts for plastics

Reinforcement of plastic parts

High-strength and non-wearing

Plastic has many advantages. This is true especially when it is used in conjunction with metal, as this combines the benefits of low weight and high strength. The innovative IMTEC® moulded inserts are particularly suitable for in-moulding with thermoset and thermoplastic materials as well as CFRP composites.

Plus factors

Advantages of IMTEC®

  • Corrosion protection

    Rust and acid resistant thanks to the use of stainless steel 1.4301/10. This means there is no potential difference to carbon fibres, for example.

  • Component cleanliness

    Keeping it clean. The high surface quality enables you to keep residual dirt to a minimum.

  • Resilience

    High pull-out force thanks to optimised flank overlap in the plastic.

Method and principle

The hybrid solution

IMTEC® offers wear-free, resilient metal threads in high-quality plastic components. Before the part is produced, the IMTEC® moulded inserts are placed into the mould manually or by means of a handling system. Then, the metal inserts are injection-moulded with plastic. The only adjustment required is to adapt the core pins of the injection mould geometrically to the IMTEC® moulded inserts.

Cross section of an in-moulded IMTEC® Co – thread inserts for in-moulding
Cross section of an in-moulded IMTEC® Co

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