Tolerance compensation


Manual and automatic. FLEXITOL® enables infinitely variable tolerance compensation.

Tolerance compensation systems – FLEXITOL® Hybrid

Simple tolerance compensation

Efficient production

The use of FLEXITOL® tolerance compensation systems permits greater manufacturing tolerances, thereby allowing for more cost-effective production methods.

Plus factors

Advantages of FLEXITOL®

  • Optimal compensation

    Appropriate tolerances for reliable series production. Compensation of even relatively high manufacturing tolerances.

  • The most cost-effective technical solution

    Reliable function and first-class quality.

  • Efficient processes

    Quick and easy installation. Short and economical cycle times throughout the production process.

Quick and easy installation

Stepless tolerance compensation

Manual tolerance compensation

This tolerance compensation system is screwed into the receiving component to a defined position. During the joining process, the component tolerances are compensated (zero tolerance at delivery of component). Further alignment is possible during assembly. When the joint is released, the set position is retained.

Manual tolerance compensation – FLEXITOL®
Manual tolerance compensation – FLEXITOL®

Automatic tolerance compensation

Two components are aligned or positioned in relation to one another. When they are screwed together, the gap between the two components is automatically compensated.
The tolerance compensation system fixes the position in which they were originally aligned. When the joint is released, the system returns to its base position.

Automatic tolerance compensation system – FLEXITOL®
Automatic tolerance compensation system – FLEXITOL®

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