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Range of products


DIN and standard parts

Screws, bolts, washers and nuts made from a variety of materials and available in a wide range of types. We need fasteners of all shapes and sizes and stock more than 42,000 items.
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Blue Pages

Custom-made parts – Hot-formed parts

Hot-formed parts



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Title Language Version File Download
Delivery specifications
English 01/2016 565 kB / PDF
English 01/2016 565 kb / PDF
Purchasing conditions
English 01/2012 25 kB / PDF
English 01/2012 25 kb / PDF
Supplier contract
English 08/2008 10 kB / PDF
English 08/2008 10 kb / PDF
Quality assurance agreement
English 12/2007 184 kB / PDF
English 12/2007 184 kb / PDF
Supplier self audit (producer)
English 1.0 143 kB / XLS
English 1.0 143 kb / XLS
Supplier self audit (distributor)
English 1.0 136 kB / XLS
English 1.0 136 kb / XLS
Supplier self audit (serviceprovider)
English 1.0 112 kB / XLS
English 1.0 112 kb / XLS
Code of Conduct for Böllhoff Suppliers
English 04/2011 23 kB / PDF
English 04/2011 23 kb / PDF

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