Böllhoff: in step with the times for over 140 years.


Our history

A tradition of innovation

Over the course of our long history – from ironmonger to international manufacturer and service provider – there have been some watershed moments that laid the foundations for our subsequent success. Our ability to grow and develop is still one of our greatest strengths. The milestones of our family business are outlined here. We are already working towards the next one.

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The four generations of the Böllhoff family

Experience builds trust.

Three generations of the Böllhoff family have continued to build on the success of the company's founder.

Wilhelm Böllhoff (born 1848 / died 1924)

  • Wholesale ironmongery business founded in Herdecke, Germany in 1877
  • Branch opened in Bielefeld, Germany in 1923
  • Concentration on nationwide direct sales
  • Focus on blacksmith's shops, metalworking shops and machine building

Josef Böllhoff (born 1894 / died 1984)

  • Joined the company in 1923
  • Took charge of the Bielefeld site
  • Opened additional branches across Germany
  • Rebuilt the war-damaged Bielefeld site
  • Started industrial production of HELICOIL® fasteners in 1958

Dr Wolfgang W. Böllhoff (born 1934)

  • Joined the company in 1962
  • Established production and distribution facilities in Europe and the Americas
  • Expanded the product range to include new fasteners and assembly systems
  • Today, honorary chairman of the advisory council

Michael W. and Wilhelm A. Böllhoff (born 1971 and 1965)

  • Joined the company in Brazil in 1998 and in Austria in 1995 respectively
  • Today, managing partners
  • Expanded distribution and production facilities in Eastern Europe and Asia

Our milestones

Intentionally founded on the feast of the Epiphany – in the hope of an auspicious start – Böllhoff has grown steadily.

Find out more about the key milestones in our company's history.


Established by Wilhelm Böllhoff (1848-1924) in Herdecke, Germany, as a wholesale ironmongery supplying blacksmiths, metalworks and industrial customers.


Branch opened in Bielefeld following occupation of the Ruhr area by the French after the First World War.
Start of specialisation in screws, nuts and threaded fasteners for machine building and shipbuilding, under the direction of Wilhelm's son, Josef Böllhoff (1894-1984).


Opening of the first in-house production facility in Bielefeld for HELICOIL® thread inserts.


Start of internationalisation: Production and distribution facilities established in Mexico and Brazil.


Expansion in Europe: Production and distribution of blind rivet technology.


Expansion in Eastern Europe: Production and distribution of self-piercing rivet technology.


Acquisition of a production facility for blind rivet technology in the USA.


Expansion into Asia with in-house production and distribution facility in China.


Start of AMTEC® thread insert production in India.


Investment for growth in new manufacturing buildings and machinery in Bielefeld.

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