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Technical information

RIVNUT® setting tools for blind rivet nuts

We provide you all relevant information and assistance to our setting tools for RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts and studs.

RIVKLE® B2007 – Cordless setting tool for processing RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts and studs (M 3 to M 10)

Maintenance videos

You are not sure, how to maintain your blind rivet nut setting tool? Quick and easy – we are happy to provide you a short video guideline.


Do you need further support?

Welcome to our FAQ section. Here you can find answers to the most common situations you may face in practice.

FAQ – Setting methods

  • Do not open your RIVNUT® setting tool and contact our maintenance service. 

    Phone: +49 800 1146580

  • RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts are developed to meet the mechanical requirements of strength class 8.8.

  • In our video, we explain where you can find the right setting force.

    FC340 force controller for RIVNUT® setting tools
  • You can easily set the stroke by yourself. You can find a detailed explanation in the following video.

    RIVNUT® P2005 Stroke adjustment
  • The recommended pressure is 5 to 7 bar.

  • The B2007 should be set to the "load measurement" mode.

  • The P2005 is a stroke setting device. Measuring the load is not relevant.

  • We strongly advise not to. It could twist the component and alter its mechanical features. Some setting tools will go on default since the stroke limit is reached before the load (B2007).

  • We strongly advises not to.

FAQ – Mandrels and anvils

  • This video shows you how to adjust the anvil before installing RIVNUT® blind rivet studs.

    RIVNUT® Anvil mounting for blind rivet studs
  • Either the RIVNUT® is to long and requires a special anvil. Or it is a special extended anvil, please contact us.

  • You can find a tutorial on how to set the fork on a RIVNUT® B2007 setting tool in the following video.

    RIVNUT® B2007 Fork adjustment
  • No, a RIVNUT® setting tool with left-hand rotation should be used.

  • Yes, provided that adequate tools are used.

  • Yes.

  • We recommend a conventional grease.

FAQ – Mandrels life time

  • Böllhoff mandrels are designed with high-strength steel (Rm > 1,600 N/mm2 or Mpa) allowing to support the high RIVNUT® setting force. However, in case of RIVNUT® traction setting, the user has to regularly replace the mandrel of its setting tool. Indeed, the frequency of use of the setting tool can generate a fatigue phenomenon and then the mandrel breaking. Wear of the mandrel thread can also be observed. It is the erosion of the mandrel thread due to successive screwing/unscrewing friction.This phenomenon is influenced by the blind rivet nut friction coefficient.

  • You can find a tutorial in our video.

    RIVNUT® P2007 Standard screw adaptation kit
  • How to identify this phenomenon:

    • Visual aspect «white» (loss of surface treatment)
    • Difficulties to screw and/or unscrew
    • Increased number of error messages during automatic operation
  • The mandrel should be replaced, either when the mandrel is broken or when there is wear on the mandrel thread.

  • Replace your mandrel with a new one and try again.

  • Class 12.9 DIN 912 screws should be used.

FAQ – Compressed air system

  • It is strongly advisable to use a maintenance unit to ensure a constant operating pressure. That will increase the life span of your RIVNUT® setting tool.

  • Yes, very slightly.

  • RIVNUT® P1007/P2007/P2007PN/P2005 setting tools consume 8 liters of air per cycle. RIVNUT® P3007/P3007PN consume 15 liters of air per cycle.

FAQ – Oil life cycle

  • You can find a tutorial in the following video.

    RIVNUT® P2007 Oil purge and level adjustment
  • Mineral hydraulic oil VG68 (Viscosity Grade) is adapted to all RIVNUT® setting tools, to the exclusion of RIVNUT® B2007 which operates with mineral hydraulic oil VG10.

  • The hydraulic oil should be immediately beneath the bleeder screw.

    RIVNUT® P2007 Oil purge and level adjustment
  • The hydraulic oil should be changed at each level 3 maintenance, or 250,000 cycles for pneumatic and electric setting tools.

FAQ – Guarantee

  • The RIVNUT® setting tool is covered by a 12-month guarantee as from shipping date from Böllhoff.

  • These are wear parts that are not covered by the 12-month guarantee.

  • The guarantee no longer applies.

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