High-strength and captive.
Generation of threads in thin‑walled sheets with KAPTI NUT® press nuts.

Generating threads – efficiently and easily

KAPTI NUT® high-strength press nuts for sheets

The system is ideal for multiple or automated insertion in thin steel or aluminium sheets or ready‑to‑install materials.

This product is made by Böllhoff

Method / principle

KAPTI NUT®​ are high-strength press nuts to be installed into pre‑punched sheets in a mechanical process.


KAPTI NUT® press nuts can be employed in most diverse applications. Among others, they are used in the automotive industry, in electrical engineering and in agricultural engineering.

Product benefits
  • Structural, captive threaded fastener
  • One side 100% flush
  • The thread can be used from either side
  • Installation also in precoated materials
  • Joining of several fasteners in one production step
  • Standard sizes M5, M6, M8, M10

Product benefits

There are many good reasons for using our products.

Strength and options.
Point by point.

Fast installation

Through pressing during joining, the KAPTI NUT® forms a flange on the rear of the sheet. Fast and easy with just one stroke.

Efficient production process

Further joining processes, such as folding and punching, can be executed in parallel with the installation of the KAPTI NUT®.

High strength

Since the resulting flange tapers, the fastener is securely installed as a captive fastener on the sheet.

Fast processing

Several KAPTI NUT® press nuts can be processed in one production step.

Environmentally friendly

Upon joining, no fumes or heat are generated and power consumption is minimal.

Detailed description


The installation process

  1. The KAPTI NUT® and the sheet or component are positioned on the locating pin.
  2. Installation (pressing) is started.
  3. Once the KAPTI NUT® press nut touches the internal form of the die tool, the leading edge is rolled back toward the flange. This creates a mechanical locking between the fastener and the mating component.
  4. Both components are now securely joined. Through the thread, a high-strength attachment point results which can be used from either side.

KAPTI NUT® high-strength press nuts for sheets

Installation in four steps



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High strength captive nuts for sheet metal
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