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Thread reinforcement


Quantum leap in the thread technology.

A thread insert with tang which does not have to be broken off.


Resistance element welding

We are proud to introduce a new joining technology.

Current information

Hochfeste Schnellbefestigungslösung für Bleche, Holz und Kunststoffe – DST
Quick-release systems

Snapping instead of screwing

The Snap Technology -DST- combines flexibility, comfort and security for any application and under any conditions, without the use of tools.

Self-tapping fasteners for thermoplastics EJOT EVO PT®
Self-tapping fasteners


The evolutionary further development of the self-tapping screw connection into thermoplastic materials.
For the first time, production and application technology knowledge has been combined with new methods based on physical computer simulations.

Tolerance compensation


Another highlight in our established portfolio of tolerance compensation systems…

10 years RIPP LOCK®

We are celebrating an anniversary: For more than 10 years now, RIPP LOCK® has been ensuring secure screw connections in the market. In the process, the solution has been continuously further developed, so that customers with the most diverse requirements and applications rely on RIPP LOCK®.