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Flexible height adjustment for suspensions.

DUCTEC® – Flexible height adjustment for suspensions

New, smart system solution

Without tools, quick and stepless

You surely know about the challenges to precisely align suspensions or achieve the intended slope at great heights, in confined spaces or in adverse weather conditions. With our new, one-piece system solution DUCTEC®, you can easily realise a precise, adjusted height compensation quickly and easily without the use of tools. It can simply be integrated into thread systems and is suited for heavy suspension weights.

Plus Factors

Advantages of DUCTEC®

  • Time and cost savings

    With the use of DUCTEC®, you gain considerable time in height and length adjustment and save costs during the entire assembly process.

  • Higher degree of prefabrication during assembly

    The pipes to be suspended can already be provided with DUCTEC® during the preparation process. This simplifies and shortens the subsequent ceiling installation.

  • Easy integration

    DUCTEC® is easily integrable into common thread systems.

  • Resilient

    In addition, a suspension system upgraded with DUCTEC® can support pipes and ducts weighing up to 100 kg. You are always on the safe side, as the breaking load is 300 kg.

Method and principle

New, smart system

DUCTEC® essentially consists of a base element with integrated functional elements at the ends that enable the fixed length adjustment of threaded components.
At the lower end, there is a screw with a thread protruding from the base element, which is firmly connected to the tube but is rotatable. This function is made possible by an internal spring.
There is an internal thread at the top end of the base element to support a threaded rod or hanger bolt.

The DUCTEC® is quick and easy to install: The lower end is screwed to a pipe clamp, bracket or other holders using a hexagon wrench. The hexagon wrench can be pushed through the sleeve from above up to the screw head.
The upper internal thread is then joint to the threaded rod, which is installed and fixed in the ceiling, by turning the DUCTEC®.
It is then possible to adjust the entire construction by hand by turning the DUCTEC® up to 50 mm. No special tools are required. The assembly process must be completed by countering.

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