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Tools and systems for joining metal sheets and profiles without a joining element.

RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP – Portable pneumatic clinching machine

Clinching for metals

Form-fitting, non-positive connections

With RIVCLINCH® joining technology, steel and stainless steel materials, as well as aluminium and other non-ferrous materials, are joined together in a way that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Plus factors

Advantages RIVCLINCH®

  • Pre-treatment or post-treatment is unnecessary

    No need for preliminary cleaning or removal of spray residue at the weld edge.

  • Eco-friendly workstation

    Setting a clinch point produces no chips or dust.

  • No additional material requirements

    No additional joining elements are required.

Method and principle

RIVCLINCH® joining technology

With the clinching method, materials to be joined are first drawn into the die by the punch.
As soon as the lower material touches the anvil, it starts flowing laterally. In this process, the movable die segments are moved outwards. The flowing materials form the closing head. The punch then moves back into home position, the joined part can be removed, and the side parts of the die are pulled together by a spring.
Localised deformation of the material produces a positive-locking and friction-locking connection.
The RIVCLINCH® joining system can be adapted into existing presses or it can also be used in special machines. Single points and multiple points can be set at the same time. The clinching system can be integrated into manual machines, robots and stationary tools.

RIVCLINCH® creating round or square joining points

Operating instructions

Technical Forum

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To our RIVCLINCH® operating instructions

Find the right solution for your application

Assembly systems

Find out more about our assembly systems and suitable add-ons and accessories for your particular application.

  • Automation

    RIVCLINCH® Automation E

    Benefit from the new key facts

    • Modular electrical lightweight system
    • High joint quality and a wide application range due to
      • dies with spring segments
      • path-controlled process with adjustable residence times that allows maximum undercut values
    • Low-maintenance drive with 67 kN total force
    • Compact, robust and reduced-weight with C-Frame Select
    • Modular design with mechanical strippers and punches in various sizes for different joining forces
    • One supply unit for different joining technologies – self-pierce riveting and clinching
    • Flexible due to quick and easy retooling to vary between the RIVSET® and RIVCLINCH® technology
    • Wide application range (aluminium – steel – stainless steel)
  • Pneumatic series

    RIVCLINCH® 0201 IP


    100% pneumatic and actuated by means of an integrated mechanical amplifier that generates the high tool force that is required for a high-quality clinch joint. This easy-to-install clinching device is particularly well-suited for diverse tasks in production operations and for on-site assembly


    • Lightweight flexible machine
    • High-speed clinching: more than 2 joints/second!
    • Fast return on investment
    • User friendly, no steam, no sparks
  • Pneumatic series

    RIVCLINCH® 0404 IP


    An extremely productive plug & play clinching tool; lightweight, portable and designed especially for construction site joining tasks.  100% pneumatic and actuated by means of an integrated mechanical amplifier that generates the high tool force required for a high-quality clinch joint.
    The clinching tool is certified for air-duct construction in accordance with DIN 1507:2006.


    • 3-layer clinching is possible
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Easy reversal of stamp and die for clinch connections inside or outside the duct
  • Pneumatic series

    RIVCLINCH® 0706 IP


    This 100% pneumatic tool is outstanding for joining large and thick sheet metal frames and profiles, such as ventilation ducts, door frames and much more, to a total thickness of 4.5 mm (construction steel).


    • Large and secure opening
    • Flexible access 
    • Easy installation 
    • Electricity not required
    • No steam, no sparks, no ignition
  • Pneumatic series

    RIVCLINCH® 4006 P50 PASS


    Safe, fast and versatile; this standalone machine ensures easy tool position on the joining point before clinching. Produce a series of joints at high speed without having to re-open the full stroke for each clinching process. 


    • Large opening up to 60 mm
    • Opening depth 400 mm (larger openings on request) 
    • Foot pedal operation: Your hands are completely free
    • Safety system
  • Hydraulic series

    RIVCLINCH® 0201 FS


    At 1.7 kg (3.73 lbs.), it is the lightest RIVCLINCH® tool and, with up to 3 joints per second also the fastest. Fast stroke adjustment for different applications. Thanks to the special rotary fastening, the operator can rotate the tool 360 degrees, to facilitate horizontal and vertical joining.

  • Hydraulic series

    RIVCLINCH® 0501 FS


    Its main strength is its extraordinary weight/capacity ratio. As a portable tool it is suitable for fastening edges as an alternative to spot welding and riveting. The decentralized arrangement of the hydraulic cylinder offers access from the inside to all edges on level surfaces. For example, this is a particular requirement for assembly of large cabinets.


RIVCLINCH® Accessory pack and tool equipment

Find out more about available add-ons and accessories for your particular application.

  • Accessory pack


    • Rotation ring for flexible suspension of small hand pliers
    • Gyroscopic suspension for C-frame hand pliers
    • Compressed air maintenance unit
    • 3 m hose pack; instead of the 2 m hose pack
    • Clinch cycle monitor
    • Axis comparison for tolerance compensation between tool and workpiece
  • Tool range

    Tool range

    The tool is the key component of the clinching joining system. The clinch tool set consists of the stamp, the die, and its integrated anvil. A broad range of standard tool dimensions is available for producing either round or square clinch joints.

    Tool selection criteria

    1. Material (construction steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, etc.)
    2. Material thickness
    3. Sheet combination (number of layers and sequence between stamp and die)

Modular systems

Customer-specific solutions

Custom cold forming machines: Portable, standalone, automatic or mounted on a robot. We offer the solution that is right for you.

  • Automatic and manual pocket filter solution


    Our solutions are appropriate for the standard dimensions of all customer-specific filter sizes. Depending on the volume of your pocket filter production, either our manual or automatic systems are preferred for an efficient, lean and sustainable solution.
    Both automatic and manual solutions are configured for filter frames dimensioned 270 x 270 mm to 915 x 915 mm.
    The automatic RIVCLINCH® clinching station with motorised conveyor is designed for up to 9 RIVCLINCH® 0202 IP units.


    • Reduced lead time
    • Increased productivity: up to 500,000 pocket filters per year
    • For both existing and new production lines
    • The same clinching sequence guarantees a perfect clinch joint every 5 seconds
  • Modular C-frame


    We offer a broad range of dimensions with a depth of more than 450 mm for all applications in the automotive industry and for general industrial applications.

    Our PASS system facilitates tool positioning and reduces cycle time for multiple series assemblies.

    Our customer-specific C-frames can apply a joining force of 35 to 300 kN.

    The PASS system is available for all modules.

Further information

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