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Industry solutions

The construction and agricultural machinery industry meets 360° joining technology

Solutions for the construction industry

Robustness. Reliability. Durability.

Different weather conditions, permanent force effects through vibration and irregular capacity utilization significantly impact the individual components. These extreme influences pose a variety of challenges and requirements for the production of construction and agricultural machinery.

Böllhoff – your expert for the construction and agricultural technology

Construction and agricultural machinery are some of the most fascinating creations of our time. The larger and more powerful these machines, the more awe-inspiring people find them. They are exposed to extreme conditions. Different weather conditions, permanent force effects, irregular capacity utilization and maintenance all significantly impact the individual components. EU directives require, among other things, reductions in the noise and vibrations to which drivers are exposed. On the other hand, customers expect extremely heavy-duty machines. To meet all requirements, optimized fastening and assembly processes are often the key to the successful use of modern materials and mixed construction concepts. We support you throughout this process.

Solutions for agricultural technology

Your modules – our joining solutions

Reliable and robust joints are vital to the construction and agricultural machinery industry, as machines are often subjected to extreme conditions and need to be able to carry heavy loads and withstand intense stresses. The joints must therefore be extremely strong and stable to ensure that the construction and agricultural machines can work safely and effectively.

Fastening solutions for large pipes

RIVQUICK® for easy assembly of the driver’s cab

With our RIVQUICK® blind rivets, components that are difficult to access or that can only be reached from one side can be fastened quickly and easily. Using our blind rivets enables a secure connection and helps to increase the strength and stability of the driver’s cab.

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RIVQUICK® – Standard blind rivet

Industry solutions

Discover further industry-specific solutions

Whether on the road, in the air, on land or on sea – we provide you the right joining solution for every industry.

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