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Fastening elements for vibration and noise decoupling

SITEC® – Elemente zur Schwingungsentkopplung und Geräuschentkopplung

Damping and Isolation

Fasten and decouple

SITEC® is our answer to the current trend in NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) development. We focus on vibrations produced by actuators such as pumps, compressors and engines.

Plus factors

Advantages of SITEC®

  • Decoupling

    Our SITEC® elements provide you with intelligent solutions that fasten while also reducing noise and vibrations.

  • Versatility

    Choose the screw or plug that suits your mounting component from the various SITEC® fastener variants. You can also choose from different materials (e.g. for different temperature requirements).

  • Speed

    Whichever SITEC® variant you choose, they are all quick and easy to assemble.

Method and principle

Approaches to vibration and noise reduction


One method for reducing vibrations and the resulting noise emissions is damping. During material-based damping, kinetic vibration energy is converted into thermal energy.

The principle of damping describes the reduction of an output quantity over time. This energy conversion process can be achieved with SITEC® fasteners using technical elastomers.

The principle of damping


Another method for reducing noise emissions is vibration isolation. Unlike damping, this does not involve conversion of energy to reduce the amplitude. Instead, the vibrations are detuned.

The principle behind this is that excitation is directly absorbed by an elastic fastener. The spring rate of the fastener is fine-tuned so that energy is transferred at a considerably reduced amplitude. This type of reduction is primarily employed for applications that generate high levels of vibration.

The principle of isolation

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Find the right solution for your application

SITEC® product types

Discover our various fasteners for noise and vibration decoupling.

  • SITEC® Rivet

    You can use this decoupling blind rivet nut to fasten a high-strength thread body to a thin-walled component with an additional vibration and noise decoupling effect.


    • Vibration and noise decoupling
    • Thermal and electrical insulation
    • Load-bearing thread on thin-walled components
    • Adjustable parameters for a flexibility in design (material, connection solution)
  • SITEC® Pin

    This solution consists of a plastic stud and a soft damping element. With two undercut geometries, this fastener smoothly fits into bore holes of different plate thicknesses without the use of a tool. Pressing down the stud establishes the fastening.



    • Vibration and noise decoupling
    • Pre-assembly and final assembly
    • Fast, easy and secure
    • No tool required
  • SITEC® Clip

    You can mount the SITEC® Clip quickly and easily on the panel geometry of your application. Two clips which are identical in design are clipped together, with an offset of 90°, in a round bore. The clips are then screwed to the mounted component.


    • Pre-assembly and final assembly
    • Quick, easy and secure
    • No tool required
    • One fastening element for component thicknesses between 1 and 3 mm
  • SITEC® Spring

    The purpose of the SITEC® Spring fastener is to isolate vibrations. The plug-plug-screw method is fast and easy to assemble. Tailored spring rigidity efficiently isolates the vibrations.


    • Pre-assembly and final assembly
    • Quick, easy and secure
    • No tool required
    • Choice of materials to suit your temperature range

Information and more


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