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Industry solutions

The aerospace industry meets 360° joining technology

Fascination. Infinity. Innovation.

New technologies, reducing emissions, design concepts: Get on the early plane with us and give your developments the necessary drive.

Böllhoff – your expert for the aerospace industry

“Remove before flight” – who doesn’t want to fly safely? We also take a second look and support you when it comes to fulfilling the requirements of the current development trends of the aerospace industry. To increase the energy efficiency and save resources, aeronautical engineers and engine manufacturers also systematically analyse and optimise the production processes. For decades, we have been a partner for the industry and offer special joining solutions for every type – airplanes, helicopters, satellites, or space shuttles.
Get on the early plane with us and give your developments the necessary drive. 

We are right where you need us — by your side.

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Your modules – our joining solutions

We also supply the assembly solutions for our fasteners. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information about our complete range of processing systems for example: hand-held tools, robot-coupled hand-held tools or fully automatic solutions.

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Our product portfolio

We cover a wide range of separate fasteners such as standard bolts, own brands and individual special parts, but also complete assembly systems and individually developed automation solutions.

  • Designed and produced by Böllhoff

    Special / Build-to-spec parts

    • Thread reinforcement and thread repair – HELICOIL®
    • Blind rivet nuts and studs – RIVKLE®
    • Adhesive technology – ONSERT®
    • Thread creation and screw loss protection – HITSERT® Screwlock and AMTEC®
    • Customer-specific thermoplastic parts – TEPRO®
    • Vibration and noise decoupling – SITEC® and SNAPLOC®
    • Tolerance compensation – FLEXITOL®
  • Fasteners and fittings

    Standard parts


    • Non-threaded fasteners:
      • Washers / bushes / spacers
    • Threaded fasteners:
      • Nuts / self-locking nuts / fittings / screws / bolts

    Fluid Products

    • Fittings:
      • B-nuts / flare fittings / flareless fittings / drums


    Qualified standard parts lists:

    • Airbus QPL ( ABS, AS, ASNA, MS, NAS, NFL, NSA, …)
    • Airbus Helicopters (ASNA, DHS, EN, ECS, …)

    Additional standards:

    • EN
    • ISO
    • NFL

    New standard parts:

    • Development competence for new standard parts including qualification process
  • Fasteners and mechanical parts and surface treatment

    Build-to-print parts

    From a drawing to a serial production

    • Serial production
    • Prototypes
    • Possibility to co-design the part
    • Cost optimisation design consulting
    • Assembly possibilities
    • Surface treatment 
      • Passivation
      • Cadmium plating
      • Silver coating

    Our competencies:

    • Raw material processing: aluminium, steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel-based, …
    • Turning bars up to Ø 70 mm or in mandrill up to Ø 390 mm
    • Milling parts up to 800 x 600 x 500 mm
    • Part length up to 1,000 mm
    • Forging
    • Established subcontracting management for heat and surface treatment


Automatic installation tools

We also supply the assembly solutions for our fastening elements, e.g. HELICOIL®  or AMTEC® thread inserts, ONSERT® bonding solutions or RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts.
Our range includes modules for integration into automatic processes and complete systems.

Do you have specific requirements? If so, please contact us!

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Here are examples of good collaboration with our customers. This is the basis of our shared success. Take a look and be inspired by our 360° joining technology. Perhaps we will write the next success story with you.

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