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Industry solutions

The domestic appliance industry meets 360° joining technology

Solutions for domestic appliances

Functionality. Innovation. Sustainability.

As a leading industry, the domestic appliance industry is faced with the challenge of making its products increasingly energy-efficient and sustainable and of integrating innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence into its devices. Moreover, the product development must be aligned with the needs of its customers in terms of design, functionality and comfort to meet changing trends.

Böllhoff – your expert for domestic appliances

The domestic appliance industry has developed significantly over the years and today it offers a wide range of appliances to meet the needs and demands of consumers. Design, functionality and comfort play a major role.
There is growing demand for appliances that are aesthetically pleasing and can be seamlessly integrated into modern kitchens and living spaces. The development and production of domestic appliances includes a strong focus on the sustainability and energy efficiency of the appliances to keep environmental impacts as low as possible. 
To manage ever-increasing complexity, integral architectures must be created in which we support you with our fastening and assembly solutions.

Modern kitchen interior design in a luxury house

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Your modules – our joining solutions

Joining technology is essential for the domestic appliance industry, as the joints ensure the reliable functionality, durability and safety of the devices. A large number of materials and components from various sectors such as electronics, mechanics and plastics technology are often integrated into these devices. Depending on the specific requirements and properties of the components, various fastening and assembly solutions are used.

Line drawing of an oven
  • Exterior


    The exterior defines the appearance and functionality of the devices. It includes the outer shell, colours, surface finish and design of the devices. Our joining solutions enable you to compensate for tolerances or create invisible connections.

    We can provide you with the right solution for every requirement.

  • Display and operating components

    Display and operating components

     Depending on the type of domestic appliance, operating elements can vary and consist of different components such as buttons, rotary knobs, switches or touchscreens. Electronic controls are often used, which enable precise and reliable control of the various functions. Depending on the requirements of the components, different joining techniques are used to ensure safe and secure operation.

    We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right solution.

  • Mechanical components

    Mechanical components

    Mechanical components in household appliances include gears, belts, bearings, springs, switches and levers. For example, in a washing machine, gears and belts control the movement of the drum and the drive motor.  They can be made of various materials such as metal, plastic or rubber and are often constructed to be robust and durable.

    We can help you find the right joining solution for every material.

  • Drive components

    Drive components

    As a rule, electric motors are the drive systems used to provide the energy required to operate the appliances. These drive systems are capable of producing different speeds and torques to meet the specific requirements of each device. Efficient and reliable drive technology can help to save energy and extend the service life of appliances. Intelligent joining solutions are essential to ensure this.

    You can find a selection of our joining solutions here.

  • Heating and cooling components

    Heating and cooling components

    Modern domestic appliances feature energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that provide precise temperature control and optimal performance. They must be robust and reliable in order to meet the high demands of daily use

    We will be happy to support you in choosing the right joining technology.

SNAPLOC® for invisible plug-in connections

Our two-piece SNAPLOC® fastening system consists of a ball stud and a coupling for quick assembly and is based on the principle of a simple snap connection or plug-in connection. The connection is invisible from the outside and satisfies the highest design criteria. SNAPLOC® is a functionally and aesthetically appealing solution for attaching components in household appliances.

More information
SNAPLOC® – Vibration and noise decoupling plug-in connections


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