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Self-tapping fasteners

TEPRO® K' in K'

Self-tapping fastener solution made of plastic for use in plastic

TEPRO® K' in K' – plastic screw for plastics

Plastic screw connection solutions

Self-tapping and self-locking

In the medium to long term, screwing metal screws directly into plastics can lead to problems with the fit and failure of the thread fastening due to movement, vibration and temperature changes. It makes more sense to use plastic screws in a plastic component. The solution is to use our K' in K' (plastic in plastic) screw fastening principle.

Plus factors

Advantages of TEPRO® K' in K'

  • Extremely reliable

    High-performance plastics used with an intelligent thread geometry enable high temperature resistance, rigidity and strength.

  • Secure fastening

    The torque is higher when unscrewing the fastener. That means the fastener is reliably secured against coming loose.

  • Easy recycling

    Convenient disposal. Unlike with metal inserts there is no need for you to expend time and energy separating metal and plastic.

Method and principle

Force fit and form-fit fastenings

The K' in K' screw fastening principle uses a patented thread geometry which is easily identifiable by its two offset thread halves. The K' in K' thread forms or cuts into the cylindrical pilot bore in the plastic. A chip flute running the length of the screw enables effective tapping and forming without obstructing the thread flanks. Thanks to the resulting cutting angle and adjacent clearance angle the screw assembly is driven home using minimal torque.

When unscrewing the fastener, however, the torque is considerably higher. That means the fastener is reliably secured against coming loose.

TEPRO® K' in K' plastic fasteners solution for plastic assemblies
TEPRO® K' in K' plastic fasteners solution for plastic assemblies

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TEPRO® K' in K’ product types

  • TEPRO® K' in K'

    The reversible screw fastening of the K' in K' screws means they can be installed and removed repeatedly without compromising the fit or thread lock.

  • SNAPLOC® K’ in K’

    The SNAPLOC® principle is based on a two-piece system consisting of a coupling and a ball stud. Inside the coupling there is a ball cup. As a mating part, the ball stud can snap into this ball cup.

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  • FLEXITOL® K' in K'

    The K' in K' thread cuts its own holding thread into the existing plastic bore. Due to a resistance effect, the banjo screw can then only be screwed further in or out with a higher torque.

    Discover FLEXITOL®

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