Decoupling of vibration and noises. With SNAPLOC® plug-in connections for quick and easy joining.


Fasten and decouple

SNAPLOC® joins without transmitting vibrations or noise.

The two-piece SNAPLOC® fastening system consists of a ball stud and a coupling for quick assembly and is based on the principle of a simple snap connection or plug-in connection.

This product is made by Böllhoff

Method / principle

Two-piece design, for easy assembly. When the ball stud snaps into the ball socket inside the coupling, a tolerance‑compensating, vibration and noise‑decoupling joint is formed.


SNAPLOC® can be used in many different sectors, for example in plant engineering for extraction ducts in rolling mills, in filtration systems for attaching the filter frames, or in crane building for cab housings.
Decoupling SNAPLOC® plug‑in connections are also widely used in the automotive industry.

Product benefits
  • Quick and easy assembly
    and disassembly
  • Vibration and noise decoupling
  • Tolerance compensation in centre distances
  • Easy integration

Product benefits

There are many good reasons for using our products.

Strength and options.
Point by point.

Fast assembly and disassembly

A simple principle for complex requirements: push together to join, pull apart to release.

Decoupling fastening

Low vibration and noise. Vibrations are not transmitted from one component to the other.

Small number of parts

Simple and economical. With only two parts – ball stud and coupling – SNAPLOC® simplifies production processes.

Wide range of fastening options

More design freedom. With the right fastening options for every application.

Design freedom

Completely unobtrusive. SNAPLOC® fasteners can be integrated into the component design.

Detailed description


The SNAPLOC® system

A ball stud, a coupling – the simple principle behind SNAPLOC® plug‑in connections provides a perfect fit combined with simultaneous vibration decoupling. Inside the coupling a ball socket is formed, in which the ball stud can snap into.
The coupling of the plug‑in connection is mounted on the base of the component in the fitting provided and held in a closed‑form. Depending on the design, the ball stud can be screwed, bonded or clipped onto the corresponding component. Joining occurs easily by plugging in and disassembly by pulling apart.

SNAPLOC® plug-in connections consist of a ball stud and a coupling

SNAPLOC® ball stud material

The ball studs are made of high-quality plastics, such as PA6, PA66 or PPA containing 30 % or 50 % glass fibres. The forces to be transmitted in the connection are restricted by the couplings. In addition, a ball stud made of plastics offers the advantages of thermal and electrical insulation.


Material selection for couplings

Depending on the thermal and mechanical requirements, as well as fluid resistance, we select the appropriate materials. Crosslinked elastomers/rubber or thermoplastic elastomers are used in injection moulding.

  • Thermoplastic processed elastomer (EPDM‑X+PP or TPE‑E)
  • Solid or liquid silicone (VMQ / LSR)
  • Elastomer processed by vulcanising (EPDM peroxide)

For more information and comparisons of TPE classes, please refer to the SNAPLOC® product catalogue (4350) in the “Downloads” area.


Product variants

Every project deserves a tailor-made solution.

Learn more about the product types and find the right variant for your particular application.

SNAPLOC® studs
with external thread

The metal external threads of the ball studs are metric or self‑tapping (in plastic). Other thread types are possible on request.


SNAPLOC® studs
with internal thread

The metal internal threads of the ball studs are usually metric. Other thread types are possible on request.


SNAPLOC® studs
with K' in K' thread

With its special developed thread profiles, SNAPLOC® with K’ in K’ function enables a solution for self‑tapping screw connections.


SNAPLOC® studs in clip form

Based on the special geometry of the parts, these ball studs may be fastened by simply being clipped into an opening.


SNAPLOC® studs
for injection moulding

For cost‑effective production, especially in the case of low‑strength materials, we offer ball studs suitable for insertion into injection moulding tools and for the process of in‑moulding.


SNAPLOC® couplings
for mounting domes

The couplings for mounting domes are designed so that they can be inserted automatically or manually into the corresponding locating holes, without the need for additional tools.


SNAPLOC® couplings
for plate fastenings

The geometry of these couplings allows them to be mounted by simply being pushed into a specified bore or square opening.


SNAPLOC® angular couplings

To compensate angular differences, we offer the angular couplings.



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