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High-speed joining


High-speed joining without pre-punching. With RIVTAC® tack setting for several materials.

RIVTAC® joining


High speed joining

RIVTAC® joins diverse materials in record-breaking time. Position, set tack, done. And repeat. RIVTAC® allows joining without pre-punching in very short cycle times. Even if the component is only accessible from one side.

Plus factors

Advantages of RIVTAC®

  • Joining from one side without pre-punching

    Fast and efficient. The solution for hollow bodies, housings or components with one-side accessibility.

  • Reduction of joining and cycle times to a minimum

    While one tack is set, the next is positioned. Ready for operation in 0.9 to 1.5 seconds.

  • Wide range of applications

    Ideal for mixed, multilayer or hybrid joints, which are important in the development of modern vehicle and car body designs.

Method and principle

Fast and efficient

The tack penetrates the materials of the components to be joined at high speed. A momentary rise in temperature in the joining zone and the resulting improved flowability causes the parent material to be displaced into the annular grooves on the shank of the tack.

The result: a high form fit and – especially for higher-strength steel materials – a non-positive connection due to pressing and compression of the material.

RIVTAC® High-speed joining


RIVTAC® product types

We offer different tacks for various applications.


    The well-known benefits at a glance:

    • Joining without pre-punching in case of one-sided accessibility
    • Minimised joining and cycle times
    • Joining of high-strength materials
    • Flexible use for mixed joints, multiple-layer joints and hybrid joints
  • RIVTAC® Advanced

    In addition to the well-known advantages of our proven RIVTAC® joining technology, you benefit from further advantages:

    • New possible uses due to extended field of application
    • Slug-free joining of materials with a tensile strength of 1,200 MPa and a sheet thickness of up to 1.5 mm
    • Reliable processing of the RIVTAC® Advanced with existing RIVTAC® Automation P

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