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RIVSET® self-riveting technology for the joining of several materials in just one step.

RIVSET® self-pierce riveting

High-strength and reliable

Flexible multi-material design

No pre-drilling, no emissions, no noise. RIVSET® self‑pierce riveting is a joining method for creating high‑strength mechanical joints between similar and dissimilar materials. Even joining with more than two layers is possible.

Plus factors

Advantages of RIVSET®

  • Flexibility

    Mixed, multilayer or hybrid joints are essential to modern lightweight construction. RIVSET® is ideal for a variety of material combinations – including high-strength steel.

  • Resilience

    RIVSET® is highly resilient. Even when subject to changing loads.

  • Economic

    No pre-drilling is necessary so positioning is easier.

Method and principle

Extremely strong joints in one step

There is no need for the material components to be pre-drilled or positioned exactly.
In one step, the semi-tubular rivet pierces the upper layer of the work piece and forms an undercut in the lower layer, forming the characteristic locking head. This process has a high level of reproducibility and can be easily automated.

RIVSET® self-pierce riveting Setting process

Find the right solution for your application

RIVSET® product types

Discover our different types of self-pierce rivets.

  • RIVSET® self-pierce rivets

    RIVSET® self-pierce rivets differ in terms of material, head and shaft geometry, hardness, surface, shaft length and diameter.

    Special features of RIVSET® self-pierce rivets

    • High-strength joints
    • Reproducible joining results
    • No pre-punching
    • Liquid-tight and gas-tight
    • Suitable for different types of materials
    • Suitable for various material thicknesses and strengths
    • Can be used for hybrid joints (in combination with adhesive)
  • RIVSET® HDZ self-pierce rivets

    For joining high-strength steels (400‑600 MPa), extra-high-strength steels (800‑1,200 MPa) and ultra-high-strength steels (>1,500 MPa) with other types of materials such as aluminium.

    Special features of RIVSET® HDZ self-pierce rivets

    • Wide range of applications with just one shape of rivet
    • Creation of hybrid connections
    • Implementation of two-layer or multi-layer connections

Setting equipment

RIVSET® Self-pierce riveting systems

We offer manual as well as fully automated solutions for the setting of self-pierce rivets. Our systems are designed for a wide range of applications and can be adapted to your specific manufacturing environments.

Discover our diverse solutions
RIVSET® Automation