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Adhesive bonding of fasteners


Fixed in seconds

ONSERT® allows the adhesive bonding of various fasteners to a wide range of materials.

As a specialist in mechanical joining systems, we have developed together with DELO, the expert in intelligent adhesive technology, a new fastening system which combines the best of both worlds.

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Method / principle

Adhesive bonding, when welding is not an option. Fastening elements with a socket made of transparent plastic are bonded to the customer component using light-curing adhesive. The most important aspects are the short cycle times, the material-friendly process and the flexibility of the fasteners.


The innovative technology offers best conditions for versatile use in different segments. ONSERT® is used, when fasteners are mounted to non-weldable materials. For lightweight structures in the aerospace industry or for the mounting of cover panels in the automotive sector.

Product benefits
  • Full mechanical load capacity immediately after irradiation
  • Short curing times (< 4 seconds)
  • Fastening elements cannot be seen on the visible side on plastic or thin-walled components (design)
  • Flexible use also after surface treatment

Product benefits

There are many good reasons for using our products.

Strength and options.
Point by point.

Attractive appearance

No penetration or protrusion. Fastening elements cannot be seen on the visible side.

Independent processing parameters

Whether steel, aluminium sheet or plastics. Several materials, one procedure. The simple fixing method for all sorts of components.

Immediate load capacity

Full mechanical load capacity immediately after irradiation. Due to an adjusted lamp geometry, an optimal curing is guaranteed.

Short curing times

Optimised adhesive curing within seconds.

Detailed description



Light but powerful. Materials can be used in ever decreasing thicknesses. However, lightweight construction methods make the use of conventional mechanical or thermal joining techniques more difficult. The resulting forces or temperatures can cause visual or technical damage to customer components. Moreover, the lightweight materials are often anisotropic in their mechanical features, whereby kerfs should be avoided.

The solution: ONSERT® Basic. Fasteners such as screws, threaded bushes or snap connectors are provided with a transparent plastic sheath. The geometry will be chosen deliberately, so that a sufficient bonding surface is available.

ONSERT® Basic surface connection

Broad range of options

Generally, all geometries which can be produced by injection moulding are possible. Screwed connections on plastic mouldings, detachable and non-detachable snap connections, adhesive SNAPLOC® fasteners, etc. can be applied to materials such as CFRP, FRP, glass, lacquer, cathodic dip coating, plastic such as PC-ABS, PA and blends.

ONSERT® Basic surface connection

Which adhesive is suitable?

By means of several test on the original component, the corresponding adhesive will be defined. They should be chosen individually for your substrate and field of application in consultation with DELO and BÖLLHOFF. All used adhesives are DELO-PHOTOBOND.


  • Light-curing acrylate
  • Curing in short cycle times
  • Universal adhesion to various substrates
  • Application-specific mechanical properties (ultimate elongation, glass-transition temperature, Young's modulus)

DELO and BÖLLHOFF are pleased to assist you during the entire development process.

ONSERT® adhesion process – dispensing, joining and curing

Adhesion process
1. Dispensing
2. Joining
3. Curing


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