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Thread creation

KAPTI® functional elements

Thread generation in thin-walled sheet metal components.

KAPTI® Rivet press nuts

High-strength functional elements for sheet metals

Easy and efficient

KAPTI® functional elements are a reliable and easy to install solution for creating threaded joints in sheet metal components that provide a secure hold.

Plus factors

Advantages KAPTI®

  • High economic efficiency

    The KAPTI® functional element can be processed press-integrated so that a great number of fasteners can be inserted into the component in a single operation.

  • Very good joint charcateristics

    Our functional elements offer high push- and pull-out forces and offer the possibility of transmitting high torques in the field of thread generation.

  • Mechanical joining process

    Compared to thermally joined functional elements, no harmful gas extraction is required, the component does not experience any heat distortion and joining of coated components is also possible.

  • Flexible processing

    Our functional elements can be integrated into a press as well as being processed using C-frame setting tools.

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Method and principle

High-strength and captive

Our KAPTI® product group includes mechanical functional elements that enable the creation of threads, for example, and can be inserted into thin sheets without loss. KAPTI® functional elements are suitable for both manual and automated processing and are characterised by their universal applicability, e.g. they can also be inserted into already painted or coated sheets.

Find the right solution for your application

Product types

  • KAPTI® Rivet

    KAPTI® Rivet – High-strength rivet nuts Quick and easy installation into pre-punched sheet metal via a mechanical process

    Technical properties

    • Available sizes: M5, M6, M8, M10
    • Property class 8
    • Corrosion resistance as per customer requirements
    • Suited for different sheet thicknesses (0.7 mm – 2.5 mm)
    • Maximum tensile strength of the sheet metal part: 600 MPa
    • Compatible with property class 8.8 screws
    • Requires a defined pilot hole


    • High economic efficiency through press-integrated processing
    • Mechanical attachment in the component, thus
      • no exhaust system required
      • no thermal distortion of the components
    • Installation also in coated components
    • One sided flushness with the component, therefore no interference contour

Processing solutions

Press-integrated or C-frame processing

The KAPTI® functional elements can be processed manually or partially or fully automatically. The elements are separated in a feeder and conveyed to the press or a C-frame system via a feed tube.

The economic advantage of press-integrated processing is that several functional elements can be inserted into the component at the same time in a single operation or press stroke. Compared to weld nuts, for example, a significantly higher output rate can be achieved.

KAPTI® Rivet – High-strength rivet nuts Quick and easy installation into pre-punched sheet metal via a mechanical process



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