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Riveting technology


Blind rivet nuts and studs

Resilient threads on thin-walled components.

RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs

Load-bearing threads on thin-walled components

Highly resilient

RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts and RIVSTUD® blind rivet studs reliably join thin-walled components. Do your components also have thin walls that prevent the use of pre-cut threads? This is where you can use RIVNUT® load-bearing nut or RIVSTUD® stud threads. Various versions and sizes provide the perfect solution for every application.

Plus factors

Advantages of RIVNUT®

  • One-side assembly

    Simple blind assembly. Often the only solution for hollow bodies, housing or components with access from one side only.

  • Flexible application

    Perfect for every stage of production. No reworking required by your production department after insertion, even for parts that are already coated or painted.

  • No thermal stress

    Unlike when using weld nuts, the workpiece is not impaired by heat.

Method and principle

Using rivets instead of welding

RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts and RIVSTUD® blind rivet studs offer versatile solutions for fastening resilient nut/bolt threads to thin-walled components or hollow sections. They are very easy to assemble without counter pressure (i.e. “blind”) in all metal materials, plastics and even in ceramic components. This process is particularly safe since there is no risk of burning and it does not generate harmful steam or gases.

RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts The riveting process

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Find the right solution for your application

RIVNUT® product types

We offer a range of different blind rivet nuts and studs for every possible application.

  • RIVNUT® Standard


    • Steel: our standard material
    • Aluminium: lightweight, corrosion-resistant
    • Stainless steel: resistant to corrosion and temperature

    Head shapes

    • Flat head
    • Countersunk head
    • Extra thin head

    End types

    • Open
    • Closed

    End shapes

    • Round and plain
    • Round and knurled
    • Hexagonal shank
    • Partial hexagonal shank

    You can use RIVNUT® SFC, Smart For Composite, to insert load-bearing threads in plastics and composite materials without damaging them.

    Working principle

    • The basic principle is that the load is specifically distributed in the direction of the thread axle with no radial stress.


    • RIVNUT® SFC is available in various versions in steel and stainless steel (A4).
  • RIVNUT® Seal Ring

    To protect your assemblies from external influences, RIVNUT® Seal Ring technology ensures a tight seal against all fluids and gases.


    • The seal is securely bonded to the RIVNUT® blind rivet nut. It remains in place under all circumstances, including during automatic setting with a blow feed unit
    • Tightness in compliance with standard ISO 20653, specification IPX7
    • UV resistance and temperature resistance up to 220°C
    • Resistance to all fluids (oils, hydrocarbons, etc.)

    Our high-strength RIVNUT® HRT (high resistance thread) blind rivet nuts provide an extremely strong load-bearing thread which considerably improves the mechanical properties of the blind rivet nut. 


    • Steel and aluminium

    Advantages compared to RIVNUT® Standard

    • Higher tightening torques permit higher preload forces in the joint
    • Smaller sizes possible
    • Reduced weight
    • Corrosion-resistant and recyclable, particularly in aluminium components (RIVNUT® HRT Aluminium)
  • RIVNUT® PLUSNUT® with slotted shank


    • Steel (aluminium and stainless steel on request)

    Advantages compared to RIVNUT® Standard

    • High pull-out forces
    • RIVNUT® PLUSNUT® has the largest clamping range of all blind rivet nuts for variable material thicknesses
    • Large clamping range to reinforce workpiece
    • Low radial stresses during setting prevent excessive loading of the component
    • Low radial stresses in the component
  • RIVSTUD® Blind rivet studs

    RIVSTUD® blind rivet studs allow you to prefix the screw-on component to the carrier component. This is particularly helpful for heavy or large parts or with concealed assembly (“hang on” assembly). Our blind rivet studs are available in different versions

  • RIVNUT® Stainless steel


    • Optimised corrosion resistance
    • Optimised temperature resistance


Part Selector and Customization Tool

This new design tool will help select and design the correct RIVNUT® and RIVKLE® for your application


RIVNUT® technology

Information and more


Are you interested in RIVKLE®? Please download further information here.

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