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Industry solutions

The mechanical engineering industry meets 360° joining technology

Solutions for the mechanical engineering industry

Quality. Precision. Reliability.

Mechanical and plant engineering is a key industry that supports and drives many other sectors and areas of the economy. It is an important driver of innovation, progress and prosperity in many countries.

Böllhoff – your expert for mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering is one of the most innovative industries. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely for this reason, in light of the structural change, this industry must also invest more in its future competitive ability. We support you with innovative fastening and assembly solutions. Whether this involves development and production of large-scale plants, machine tools or special machines.

Thanks to the continuous development of our solutions, we can also support you with complex requirements such as high temperatures, extreme loads and difficult environmental conditions.

Industry 4.0 Robot concept. Engineers use tablet computer for machine maintenance, automation tools, robot arm at the factory.

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Your machines – our joining solutions

Joining technology plays a critical role in mechanical engineering, as it connects the components of a machine and thus enables it to operate properly. Depending on the requirements, you can choose from a variety of joining solutions. Choosing the right solution depends on factors such as resilience, tightness and durability.

  • Machine frame

    Machine frame

    The machine frame is an important component in mechanical engineering as it forms the basis for the entire machine and supports the various components such as drives, machine tools and control units. The machine frame must therefore be extremely rigid and durable to ensure precise and reliable processing of the workpieces. The choice of fasteners depends on various factors, such as the load, the environment and the types of components to be connected.

    We can provide you with the right solution for every requirement.

  • Guides and bearings

    Guides and bearings

    Guides and bearings ensure that the moving parts in the machine function smoothly and precisely. Guides limit movement in one or more directions, while bearings absorb and transmit the forces and moments that act on the moving parts during operation. Depending on the requirements and the load placed on the connection, different joining techniques are used to guarantee secure and safe functionality.

    We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right solution.

  • Drives


    The drive is the heart of the machine and ensures that, that movement or force is generated to perform a specific function. The selected fasteners must be able to bear these loads in the drive system. This includes the forces created by the movement of the machine and the loads generated by the power to be transmitted. Careful selection and precise planning are therefore essential to ensure the reliable and efficient functioning of the drive system.

    We will be happy to support you in choosing the right joining technology.

  • Control


    The machine control automates and controls the machine’s movements and processes. Various components such as sensors, actuators and control elements play an important role. These components must be connected to one another safely and securely to ensure error-free control of and communication with the machine.

    Discover how our joining solutions can help you keep your machine running smoothly.

  • Tool stores and changers

    Tool stores and changers

    Tool stores and changers are important components in mechanical engineering, especially in CNC machining. The tool changer is a mechanism that enables quick and automatic tool changing without manual intervention. To ensure smooth and long-lasting functionality, secure joining of the various components is essential. Different joining techniques are used here, including screws, rivets or thread reinforcements with high corrosion resistance.

    Discover our joining solutions.

  • Workpiece changers and holders

    Workpiece changers and holders

    Workpiece holders must be extremely strong and rigid enough to ensure precise machining of the workpieces. Slipping or tilting of the workpieces must be avoided. The joining technology plays an important role here, as it connects the workpiece holders safely and securely to the machine. Corrosion-resistant fasteners increase the service life of the workpiece holders. This is the only way to achieve high quality in the manufactured products.

    This is where you will find an overview of our joining solutions.

HELICOIL® for a strong machine drive

Increase the resilience and durability of your machine drive with our HELICOIL® thread reinforcement. HELICOIL® thread inserts are used to reinforce threads in components such as housings or engines. This prevents the thread from stripping or over-tightening and increases the reliability and safety of your machine.

Click here for details on the HELICOIL®
HELICOIL® Plus thread insert free running design


Exclusively for you: Our success stories

Here are examples of good collaboration with our customers. This is the basis of our joint success. Take a look and be inspired by our 360° joining technology. Perhaps we will write the next success story with you.

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