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Thread creation


High-strength and captive. Generation of threads in thin-walled sheet metal with KAPTI NUT® press nuts.

KAPTI® Rivet press nuts

High-strength press nuts for sheet metal

Generating threads – efficiently and easily

KAPTI NUT® is ideal for multiple or automated insertion in thin steel or aluminium sheets, i.e. ready-to-install materials.

Plus factors

Advantages of KAPTI NUT®

  • Fast installation

    Through the press procedure in the joining process; KAPTI NUT® forms a flange on the rear of the sheet metal. Fast and easy with just one stroke.

  • High strength

    Since the resulting flange tapers, the fastener is securely seated as a captive fastener on the sheet metal.

  • Efficient production process

    Additional joining processes, such as folding and punching, can be performed in parallel with installation of the KAPTI NUT®.

  • Fast processing

    Multiple KAPTI NUT® press nuts can be processed in one production step.

Method and principle

High-strength and captive

KAPTI NUT® is a high-strength, captive fastening system with thread that is permanently fastened on a component with a mechanical process. The system is ideal for multiple or automated insertion in thin steel or aluminium sheets, i.e. ready-to-install materials.


Find the right solution for your application

KAPTI NUT® product types


    KAPTI NUT® are high-strength press nuts that you can quickly and easily install into pre-punched sheet metal via a mechanical process.

Installation directly in the tool

Feeding unit for KAPTI NUT®

Feeding system with a compact and mobile unit

This consists of feed heads with minimal spatial requirements within the press tools:

  • Simple installation interface with the press head is quickly coupled and twist locked
  • Power supply systems only need compressed air and standard grid voltage
  • A system with standardized, replaceable and interchangeable modules for ease of service (replacement maintenance)


KAPTI NUT® and the feeder can be used in many sectors of industry, including the automotive and automotive supply industries, transport and vehicle construction as well as HVAC, white goods and energy technology.

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