High strength, captive, threaded fastener system. It allows a range of nuts to be permanently attached to a panel or component by a mechanical process.


Saving with simplicity

KAPTI NUT® high strength captive nut for sheet metal.

The system is ideally suited to multiple insertion into thin steel strip and sheet and may be used with aluminium and stainless steel.

This product is made by Böllhoff

Method / principle

KAPTI NUT® is a high strength captive nut to be set on a pre-pierced panel by a mechanical process in a single stroke press operation into a compact tool die.


KAPTI NUT® is ideally suited to multiple insertion into thin steel strip and sheet.

Product benefits
  • Structural captive threaded fastener
  • One side completely flush
  • Can be used from either sides
  • Assembly in pre-coated finished materials
  • Multiple setting in a single operation
  • Standard in M5, M6, M8, M10

Product benefits

There are many good reasons for using our products.

Strength and options.
Point by point.

Quick installation process

The KAPTI NUT® is pressed through the panel forming a tapered flange on the back. This is done in a single stroke press operation which is quick and easy.

Installed as part of the press process operation

The KAPTI NUT® can be installed simultaneously combined with other operations like folding or punching in the same press process operation.

Structural captive threaded fastener

The tapered flange formed during the installation makes the panel rigid and contributes to the overall performance of the KAPTI NUT® which can be used on either side.

Multiple setting in a single operation

Several KAPTI NUT® fasteners can be installed in a single operation.

Environmentally friendly

The installation process creates no fumes or heat and needs a minimum of electrical power consumption.

Detailed description


Installation in vier Schritten

  1. KAPTI NUT® und das Blech bzw. das Bauteil werden auf dem Zentrierstift positioniert.
  2. Der Einbauprozess (Pressen) wird gestartet.
  3. Sobald die KAPTI NUT® Einpressmutter auf die Innenform des Werkzeugstempels trifft, wird die Vorderkante zum Flansch zurückgerollt und das Befestigungselement mechanisch mit dem Aufnahmeteil verbunden.
  4. Die beiden Komponenten sind jetzt sicher miteinander verbunden. Über das Gewinde entsteht eine hochfeste Befestigungsmöglichkeit, die von beiden Seiten genutzt werden kann.

KAPTI NUT® – High strength captive nuts for sheet metal

Installation in four steps