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Antiseize coating

Screw connections in which both the screw and nut, as well as the clamping parts, are made of stainless steel materials are prone to so-called galling or seizing.

Böllhoff’s Antiseize coating is an effective way of preventing galling.

This product is made by Böllhoff



The reason why rustproof steels are resistant to corrosion is because their surface is coated with a very thin (2-5 nm) chromium oxide film. Due to potential differences in electrochemical activity, processed stainless steel is usually passivated. With Antiseize, the specific passivation is re-treated with a tailored non-electrolytic colloidal suspension, which produces a thin dry fluoropolymer-based lubricant. This means that the part can be assembled without the thread seizing.

The Antiseize coating minimises potential follow-up costs of a stainless steel threaded connection. The pre-coating is dry and non-slip. The colour is off-white and the coating thickness is between 5 and 20 µm. The temperature range is between -180°C and 260°C. Friction is also set to 0.12 – 0.18 µtot.

Benefits of the Antiseize coating:

  • Simple assembly without galling
  • Shorter assembly times
  • No need for manual greasing
  • Defined friction set to 0.12 – 0.18 µtot
  • The pre-coating is dry and non-slip
  • The pre-coated nuts are multi-use
  • Unlimited shelf life

Currently DIN 934 nuts and DIN 985 self-locking nuts in A2 with the Antiseize coating according to B 53090 are available as standard from Böllhoff.

To achieve optimal joint design, the necessary tests can be carried out at Böllhoff’s accredited test laboratory.

Nuts with Antiseize coating according to B 53090

Nuts with Antiseize coating according to B 53090


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