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When a pump in a power station fails,
it can be costly. Our HELICOIL® thread inserts have made maintenance easier and reduced the risk of outages.


For greater planning reliability

Our HELICOIL® thread inserts effectively reduce the risk of delays and outages.

A small detail with a big difference. The high-strength, thermally resistant HELICOIL® thread inserts ensure that KSB pumps can be easily removed under extreme conditions, thus making inspections in safety-critical areas of power stations much easier.

Initial situation


Difficult inspection

KSB pumps are used in many industries to safely transport and insulate – sometimes aggressive, explosive or toxic – liquids. Power station operators in particular rely on KSB’s extensive range of high performance pumps. They are used for boiler recirculation or to transport boiler feed water, condenser water, cooling water or coolants.
The demands placed on the pumps in a power station are high: nothing less than absolute reliability is required. They need to be inspected easily over the entire working life. Furthermore, removal of the large service gate screws must be possible at any time.
Our job was to minimise the danger that the screw connection would become difficult to remove due to operating influences. Unplanned time spent on inspection – at worst even causing delays in recommissioning the power station – is a thing of the past.

Customer profile

Pumps and fittings

Frankenthal / Germany




HELICOIL® thread inserts

No time to lose. In order to remove pumps for maintenance in future without disruption, we recommended the reliable HELICOIL® thread technology to KSB. A HELICOIL® thread insert in the dimension M 125 x 4 x 166 is screwed into the pump housing by using a purpose-built installation tool to reinforce the thread. Consequently, seizing is avoided. The pump can now be easily removed and mounted again. Each approx. 30 t pump housing contains
16 threads with HELICOIL® thread inserts.



More effective maintenance

Using HELICOIL® thread technology ensures a more uniform load distribution in the thread and improves pump servicing. Costs arising from maintenance delays can be avoided effectively – a technical improvement that pays for itself.

Customer benefits

  • Increased value
  • Quality improvement
  • Constant friction coefficients in the thread


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