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Pkw-Service Hartinger

Repair car threads quickly and cost-effectively. With RIVKLE® Plus Kit for resilient joints.


For load-bearing threads

Resilience is an essential requirement of threads on vehicles. By means of Böllhoff Repair Solutions, thin-walled components can be provided quickly and economically with load-bearing threads.

Pkw-Service Hartinger in Gerlenhofen, Germany, keeps our blue HELICOIL® Plus Kits permanently in stock. That’s how Bernd Hartinger, trained master mechanic and general manager, came across RIVKLE® Plus. Ever since using them for the first time, he has relied on the load-bearing blind rivet nuts from our repair range.

Initial situation


Repair cases

If it’s worth repairing, it’s worth doing right. A typical repair for Pkw-Service Hartinger is mounting a thread to the car metal for attaching the numberplate. Conventional tapping screws are often not strong enough. Defective threads in motorcycle frames are also common problems in the car shop, for example, when attaching the luggage rack. Aluminium blind rivet nuts are usually used for this purpose; however, they are less resilient to heavy loads.

Customer profile

Car shop

Gerlenhofen / Germany




RIVKLE® Repair

RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts create internal threads on thin-walled components.
For hollow sections, profiles, housings and other parts that permit access from only one side,
the insertion of a blind rivet nut is often the only solution. The same is true when it comes to attaching numberplates and luggage racks.
The RIVKLE® Plus Kit consists of a hand tool and the respective RIVKLE® Plus blind rivet nuts of the desired size. As with every Böllhoff Repair Solution, all the required tools and components are included in the RIVKLE® Plus Kit.



High thread stability

Repaired and improved. Fitting a steel RIVKLE® Plus blind rivet nut makes the thread more stable. The joints are even more resilient than from the factory.

Customer benefits

  • Quick and inexpensive repair
  • Load-bearing thread on thin-walled components
  • Assembly with access from only one side ("blind"),
    even on hollow profiles
  • Screws can be inserted multiple times
  • No rework necessary, even with pre-coated parts
  • Small countersunk head for small head projection (no need to countersink the workpiece)


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