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We are a leading global manufacturer and distributor of fasteners and assembly systems.

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New: Battery tool for blind rivet nuts

State-of-the-art. Also for intensive industrial use.

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HELICOIL® with surface coating Primer-Free® 2

The well-established thread technology HELICOIL® with new surface coating: Primer‑Free® 2 protects your magnesium or aluminium components against galvanic corrosion.

Setzwerkzeuge mit 100 % elektrischer Ansteuerung in den Setzkraftstufen 60 kN und 78 kN

Learn more about the new self‑pierce riveting technology RIVSET® Automation E with a new C‑frame generation.


Award-winning innovation

For more than 25 years, TOP 100 — the only benchmarking for innovation management in Germany — has been awarding the most innovative small and medium-sized businesses. In 2018, we are one of them.


Böllhoff Group annual report 2017

With our new annual report we would like to give you direct insights into our company. And of course, (good) key performance indicators should not be left out in an annual report as well as further insights into the company and the outlook for the future.