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18/10/2023 | Company

Tech Day at the company F/LIST

Böllhoff had the opportunity to present the entire product portfolio at F/LIST.

Product presentation at the global luxury interior manufacturer for business and private jets and residences F/LIST

At the Tech Day at the company F/LIST, the entire product range and services of Böllhoff were presented and possible products for the furniture manufacturing sector were discussed. Interesting dialogues of various product applications at the customer's site with different furniture materials took place on this day. Participants from hardware engineering and production were particularly interested in the products ONSERT® and HELICOIL® tools. The product RIVKLE® Star Head was also for a possible application in furniture sandwich plates discussed.


  • The entire product range of Böllhoff was shown and presented.

  • The specific use cases of the company F/LIST were addressed.

  • In the field of furniture manufacturing for private jets, there are many possible applications for Böllhoff products.

  • The associated tools were also of interest to the customer.

  • Participants from hardware engineering and production were present from F/LIST..

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